What’s the right amount to launch in ads? (And more)

Hey there! I’m Chris, Co Owner of Empire Resorts.

We are interested in launching adverts for our game, but we are struggling to come up with a necessary amount.

We were wondering if 100K in ads were enough or it is too big of a loss if it flops. We will be gradually running the ads out for a total of the budget instead of doing it all at once. We also have over 12K members and all our group games are out.

Another question, what should the advert be linked to - the group, or the main game?

Please leave your suggestions and feedback below. Thanks!


Someone already made a post about this. Check it out here.


We’re a group and have a sifferent size of a community, this may lead to different amounts.

You’d have to keep putting 100k occasionaly, thats what the big games do nowadays. I would recommend going a bit lower for consistency reasons.

I feel like 100k is unfair to other adverts, and covers the players screen. Making it obnoxious. Mostly because people don’t have 1000 dollars sitting infront of them. 100k drowns out other people’s games. Please lower the price.


We won’t be doing 100K straight away! Possibly 10K over the next 10 days to ensure that our ad stays up for long

Also, All ads have a fair chance with roblox’s bidding system. If wealthy ads didn’t appear more than ads with not much money bidded into them, no one would pay that much robux for an ad.

We were thinking of 10k each day over the next 10 days

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Doesn’t matter how you feel. No one looks at feelings when advertising their game

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Although I haven’t ran paid advertising yet, the best advice I have seen on here is to do a low value test run of multiple ad designs first to find out which one is best. Then it is up to you, whether high value over a short period of time versus lower value over a sustained period of time.

I have heard of people having success with just a ~200 robux, I guess it is down to luck.

Whatever you do, don’t commit that amount before some serious testing.

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