What am I not allowed to build?


Whilst building a hanged man, a friend advised me to stop doing it in fear of attracting moderators.
Curious, i came here to ask specifically what am i not allowed to build?.


I think that having a man hanged is a bit to far for Roblox as it is primarily a platform where children play. While there is nothing specific about abstaining from builds that depict deaths, this is quite a disturbing image, noticeably different to that of a person lying on the floor.

The closest thing in the Roblox Community Rules is that it could fall under inappropriate ‘behaviour’:


  • Threats and self-harm
  • Sexual content or overly violent content

If you do plan on going ahead, just beware that it is very likely that Roblox could contact you and ask you to remove it.


Id think it would be ok if there was some way to hide it if you dont want to see violent things like that.

We already have a game where you can decapitate players and have blood go everywhere so i wouldnt think the moderators would care too much if it was able to be hidden


A while back Roblox had a contest for horror games. I believe the winner of the contest had a jumpscare where a hanging ragdoll came swinging down when the player opened a door. There are also a few games with quite a bit of gore, blood, scary pictures and whatnot. The only real case of moderator action i’ve seen is for graphic suicide.

I don’t think there is a set list of rules that specifically indicate what you can or can’t put in your game, but if your game is going to be scary, it’s important that the player is aware of that before entering. If someone enters a horror game, it’s because they want to see the spooky stuff. You wouldn’t put a rotting corpse in Meepcity.


Will this catch the eye of a moderator?. What if I explicitly warn a player about gore before as he joins?.


Section 2 (Additional Rules for Developers), parts 2 and 3 can help tell you what not to build. Along with anything mentioned throughout this help thread.


Everyone can have a different analysis from these pictures. For me, this is extreme and I believe that this will not be tolerated whatsoever. I wouldn’t risk it.


you can keep the dead people in the river id think, but the nooses are too much. Id just leave the nooses without people in them


Is there not a way to bypass this by adding some sort of warning or a age-restriction (account age)
as a script?. There must be a way guys…


Nope. The rules are the rules, unfortunately. I do think it’s a shame we are limited to these, but it makes sense for Roblox right now considering average ages of users and how the platform works in its current state.


Thanks for the speedy reply and support!


The Nooses are definitely too graphic for Roblox’s liking, you may also be moderated for (what I assume to be) the German WW2 outfits they are wearing.


The nooses yes, but the outfits I think are fine. They don’t have red armbands (which is the main thing, I think).


As with all the “is this allowed” posts (for WWII sides, nazi emblems, alcohol, gore, etc), my question is always “is the visual necessary or required for your narrative?”

Can you still get your desired player experience without the assets? Is it a critical part of the game’s storyline? If you’re just going for shock value, there are an infinite amount of other ways to go about it.

Assets serve what you’re trying to achieve, because at the end of the day what you’re trying to achieve is more important than any asset.


Does it matter?. I highly doubt moderators will take a look at the narrative before taking action.


I don’t think that was the point. I think he means that if these assets aren’t imperative to the narrative that you have created, don’t include them. If these assets are being used to convey some sort of shock or horror feeling, scrap them and achieve that value another way.


Ahh!, Thanks for clearing that up.
The narrative was to emphasize on the savagery of one side. Friends told me to ditch the hanged men and replace them with trainfull of bodies, land graves.

I doubt rblx would be lenient on that too.


Spec Ops: The Line inspiration?

For me it is perfectly fine, i dont feel it is way too hard, in the world of today theres even more violence and a lot of players nowadays are from South America (Me Included) So we basically see this stuff on news most of the time, this pictures for my eye are even funny considering how blocky characters are!

As for the moderation team, as long as you keep it out of the famous games it will just pass.


What does popularity have to do with anything here? If your advice is to hope it goes unnoticed due to being in an unpopular game, that’s not a good idea.

  • Breaking terms of service is a bad idea. It’s there for a reason, and making a habit of not following it benefits no one
  • I would argue against what is shown here even if I was certain there would be no moderation action taken towards the OP. Images like the ones shown in this thread can be horrifying for some people even if it is Roblox avatars
  • The game could become popular, at which point all the decisions you made based on it not being popular are now poor decisions


Quick question.

What if i dont make the game go public?