What are Good Tips, and Generally Good Advice when it comes to Map Optimization?

So this is a question I’ve had on my mind for a while now. And when Looking for Threads about this Topic, and general Videos about it, They appear to be non-existent, and just show you “how to unlock your FPS” when looking up “How to Optimize your Roblox Games”, so I decided to create this thread to get some help on what to do, and to maybe help people who find this in the future.

But, to get on point with this Topic, I would like to know aa few things about Optimization, and what ways I can use it, and How I can Handle it properly without Sacrificing the Quality of the Map.

When you spawn into a game, without making any optimizations, and have thousands of parts all around at once, it will cause the loading screen to take forever, and with most games that do make Map Optimizations, they tend to less time to properly load in, and sometimes its almost Instant despite having a lot of content in the game, and thousands of parts in them, on low-end devices it may be a different case however depending if they allow for said devices.

Here are a few questions I (and maybe a few others) have about making Optimizations
  • The upmost Proper, and Best Utilization of Content Streaming, and its Quirks
  • Best ways to Simplify Collision on Meshes, Parts and Unions
  • Properly Rendering Meshes, and Far away objects
  • Best Ways to Simplify Geometry
  • What Objects should Only be Rendered, or Utilized on the Client
  • What are neat ways to Lower Part Count
  • Best ways to Keep track of what Details are not needed or needed

So with all this Information out of the way, What would be some Good Tips, or Good Advice for people when it comes to making these types of Optimizations on their Roblox Games?


Consider adding settings to remove useless parts or maybe low the graphics


Bumping this topic to see if that helps.

I actually did a test on this a while ago and found that using unions can actually really bump up optimization and also decrease load time, for people who are new, there a few rules about unions along with workability with unions

  1. If an object is being negated/unioned and is being walked through, never union them if they have the shape of the following: u, n, o

Any form of curves past 90 degrees along with another angle past 90 degrees will shape abnormal hotboxes

  1. Unions are possible as long as it’s the same material, color doesn’t matter

  2. Union items in sections so they’re easy to dismantle, don’t use unions on a whole object, instead do it like “dark wood, light wood” and then union it to just “wood”

  3. Another thing is lighting, maps that use comparability or voxel take up less render than maps that use future and shadow. This doesn’t mean disable shadows on parts, but rather change the light settings under properties.

  4. The more spread out the parts are, the less amount of storage it takes rather than clumping everything into a small area, this applies up, down, left, right, forward, backwards, Roblox from what I have tested uses a circle from the head to render, not a chunk link Minecraft

  5. Will add more later once I get home, lol


Another thing to note is to overlap unions so they fully merge and don’t leave a tiny gap

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If you have unions that the player will almost never interact with, set the CollisionFidelity to “Box”