What are good ways to Optimize, or Improve a Round System

Small Question about Optimizing Games.

While this isn’t very much to make a post about, I would still like to ask about it, to see if it can be improved on.

Your Typical Round System would look like this:

-- { while loop, or a repeat until loop
    -- { Intermission: Time to wait before the game starts
        -- { Typically a for loop
        -- { Map Voting: People vote for maps
    -- { Gameplay: Game is Active People are playing
        -- { Typically a for loop, sometimes while loop if condition-based
        -- { Conditions: Specific Events that will Modify / End the game
    -- { Reverting back to Intermission
-- { loop stops here

Covers the basic parts of what is needed for it, and most of them, works all the time.

But are there ways that this can be improve upon? Even if they arent much to improve upon performance, or to make the game faster, can it still be done?

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  • load maps entirely on client
  • do intermission timer entirely on client and just a simple wait(intermissionLength) on server
  • map & gamemode voting with minimal network send/recv

this is an extremely tiny part of any game and theres not much to optimized as opposed to, for example, a gun system if you’re making something like arsenal

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