What are some effective ways to lower GPU usage

  1. Lower CPU usage on low end mobile devices that dont have a GPU

  2. On low end mobile devices it lacks a GPU so it renders with the CPU. The problem with this is that it causes significant lag which makes the game unplayable. The spikes on the CPU when looking at another direction is about 250 ms. These problems aren’t replicated onto devices with GPU’s. This performance issue also doesn’t effect other games to the same degree. One of the problems I believe is causing this is high part count as its at 50000

  3. I’ve tried turning on the setting StreamingEnabled in game.workspace which allowed it to even load at all. Another thing I tried was removing a lot of lighting which barely helped at all. I’ve also tried other methods in the past to lower lag but they all were for other things.

This issue only affects devices lacking a GPU. If the device has any form of GPU roblox can use the performance is great. Also it still occasionally crashes on the loading screen and this issue doesnt affect most games. For reference it executes this on the loading screen:
local con = game:GetService("ContentProvider")

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Integrated graphics should have barely, if any impact on CPU performance. The iGPU is separate from the CPU. The most it is going to do is use up some memory, since it doesn’t have any dedicated memory itself, and add a few extra degrees of temperature. Furthermore Roblox is only CPU intensive, having a GPU or not should barely matter at all, shown by how over half the players on Roblox are playing on mobile. If you have 50000 parts you should expect lag, roblox is limited.

You aren’t really comparing apples to apples here, devices with GPUs will usually have better desktop grade CPUs as well, rather than relatively poor performing ones in laptops and mobile devices.

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