What are some tips for a scripting starter?

Now that I have some knowledge about building in Roblox, I’m trying to expand to scripting as well. What are some tips or tricks I can use for scripting?


In my opinion, look at the Dev Hub and follow a basic tutorial like Creating Fireworks, they introduce some basic roblox mechanics, not only in scripting but in Part/Model Properties too.

Hope this helps :smile:


Understand Lua, and use Google.


  1. I recommand you to start off with Youtube tutorials, you should watch beginners series of AlvinBlox and the Devking as they’re pretty well explained and are easy too.

  2. The Roblox Devhub is also a very good way to start off to learn scriptings. They introduce us alot of basics roblox mechanism and the explainations there are also much more well detailed and are very good to start off with.

  3. Free models, if you insert a free model and look into stuff you can see scripts there, I don’t really recommand you to instantly start learning scriptings from Free Models scripts there, but if you’ve reached let’s say an intermediate level of scripting use Free Models scripts and have a look into them and try to create them by your own.

I’m not an experienced scripter myself as I’ve been scripting for about 2-3 months right now and I’m
already an intermediate Roblox scripters, but I’ve told you what I did as a beginner, hopefully it’ll
benefit you, have a great day!

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Try hard, and use the developer forum and hub as well.

Ways to learn scripting: Dev Hub, TheDevKing, TheDevKing’s Beginner playlist, TheDevKing’s advanced playlist (I also suggest his other videos, they’re all helpful in my opinion. Also, check out other youtubers like AlvinBlox and watch tutorials on how to develop certain features of games and make sure to READ the scripts and to pay attention.)

What you should do:

  • Try to solve solve simple problems in #help-and-feedback:scripting-support
  • Re-create features from tutorials by yourself (Try beginner stuff like kill bricks, leaderboards etc. Tip: If you’re stuck at something, search the function in the Dev Hub, it usually has an answer, if not, ask for help in this category.)
  • Try to make a small project, aiming for a complex project isn’t that easy, but it for sure isn’t impossible, and with enough effort, you can do it.
  • Try to solve problems logically, nothing is impossible.

This won’t be easy, so if you really wanna do it, don’t give up and continue learning!

So, that’s about it! I hope this helps, hope you have a great rest of your day/night.

I should start with YouTube beginner tutorials from alvinblox he makes better quality videos. then for the advanced I should switch to devking because he has more advanced videos then alvinblox

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