What are the rules for what's allowed on images?

I mean content wise, for use on textures and decals - what can’t be included? ie, certain text or imagery


This should help you!

Using appropriate content. Inappropriate content is not allowed within any Roblox experiences. Do not create or upload any images, videos, audio files or other content (including animations or scripting), discuss topics or use language that falls in the bulleted list above. Do not upload or use content or materials that you do not own or have permission from the owner to use. If we are notified that your uploaded content violates another’s intellectual property rights, we will block or remove that content without notice and follow the process set out in Roblox Terms of Use. Roblox actively monitors game content and text. Some violations are blocked automatically through the use of filters and other detection systems. And we moderate and take other actions regarding content when flagged by our community.
If you choose to create content for certain countries or distribution platforms, there are both governmental and distributor requirements that your experiences must comply with. Internationally, some countries have their own rules and regulations around content and gameplay. If you choose to create content for those countries, you will be required to comply with their local laws, guidelines and regulations. Similarly, to make your experience available on Xbox, you will need to ensure that it meets certain specified requirements.

  • Any consequences applied to violators are at the sole discretion of Roblox and may range in severity from a warning to account deletion;
  • Violations are dealt with in a manner that reflects the severity of the violation and the threat to the Roblox community.
  • Important additional information on inappropriate content:
    • All text in uploaded images must be clearly visible to Roblox moderators. Images with tiny, unclear, or unreadable text will be blocked from upload.
    • Pills, syringes, or other content representing drug paraphernalia or drug use are not permitted.
    • Alcohol, alcoholic references, drunkenness, smoking cigarettes, cigars, and vaping are not permitted.
    • Distorted audio, including excessively slowing down or speeding up the audio content to make it indiscernible, and audio that is excessively loud including screaming, high-pitched or excessive noises are not permitted.
    • Dating is not permitted on Roblox. This includes content that explicitly or implicitly promotes, encourages, or references dating.
    • “Clickbait” advertisements are not permitted. Advertisements such as “Click this 1000 times”, “Click to pick your Dominus” or ones that offer free Robux, Roblox virtual items, etc. or that otherwise falsely represent the content being advertised and solely exist to encourage a user to click on the ad to inflate ad clicks are not permitted.


I can’t see any issues with including URLs in images, as long as the text is “clearly visible to Roblox moderators”. Have you heard of any issues with URLs?

Its not problem to put link to the image (ofc any Not Safe For Work in links is not allowed)

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Offsite links aren’t allowed. Only offsite links that are allowed are in the social links - otherwise you can’t put them into images or anything.

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Thanks, although that seems to disagree with the part of Terms of Use krrtek linked me to. Can you point me towards any terms or rules that explain this?

It doesn’t disagree with it. The rules state that text must be clearly visible (this is just to avoid confusion, like parents thinking some blurry words says something inappropriate when it doesn’t) - it doesn’t say that offsite links are allowed if the text is visible.
I’m not going to look for the exact part, but I am 100% sure offsite links are not allowed. Some Twitter or YouTube links have been permissible in the past, but I don’t think they allow that anymore.

Hope this clears things up.

It’s a list of things that aren’t allowed. I wouldn’t expect it to be explicit about things that are allowed. I would expect to be exhaustive though, given it’s in a legal document.

However, thank you for raising the possibility that it’s not allowed.

Not just a possibility, it’s pretty definite. I found the section for you (searching on the devforums also shows countless results asking about offsite links though).
The section krrtek provided is specifically about what is allowed in images - the other rules also apply to these images (offsite links not being allowed included).

Also, the fact that linking Discord servers in places that aren’t the social links is not permitted is pretty telling:

I think some links will be allowed in images, but if they are, then it’ll only be any of the permissible links. Anything else is obviously not allowed


Thanks for digging that out.

I think “links” is fairly ambiguous term, with regards to URLs included in images. You could just as easily argue a link is function as a representation, so cannot apply to part of an image. If I wear a shirt with a URL on it, are either that URL or my shirt a link? Perhaps.

I’ll dig around further in the terms tomorrow morning. I doubt I’ll find a definition though, given it’s not capitalised.

Either way, I think I need to upload a few test images and see what happens.