What are we going to do with the Development Discussion Category?

Hello fellow members of the devforum,
If you haven’t seen already we are being bombarded by spammy DevForum posts in the #development-discussion category. Let me link some low-effort, posts that ruin the purpose of the DevForum.

Only really post that has some effort:
… and more that I haven’t looked into.

I am really getting annoyed by these “developers” creating discussion and ruining the purpose of the DevForum. I’m sure many more people are annoyed by it and this is enough.

What would you like to do with the #development-discussion category?

  • Make it Regular only again
  • Remove it completely
  • Not sure

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I may not be a regular, but I would like it to be regular-only again.


Regular-only seems most reasonable. “Not sure” is for those uncertain, but I think the best option would be to make it regular-only in the meantime, and until DevRel implements the replacement for post approval, members can post in #development-discussion through that process.


Development discussion is a pretty good category but some people just use it for dumb reasons, but that doesn’t mean they should remove it.


Yeah, I think removing it is too far I agree, I’ll edit the title.

Just make it so you can make a development disscussion topic once a day for members and if your post gets flagged then you cant post in development disscussion for a whole week.
Note this is for members not for higher ranks.

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You shouldn’t remove it. That’s too harsh, because there are some good posts in there. I think it should be made Regular Only, because you’re right, there are loads of spam posts with no points. I saw a post, saying that Dev Rel won’t make it regular only again. When it was regular-only, there were much less posts. But they were high quality.

This. Even some sages themselves have said that #development-discussion was “one of the remaining places containing consistently high quality information and discussion” and “the last frontier of the forum that still has a consistently higher signal-to-noise ratio in discussions compared to the rest of the forum”.

The less posts there were, the more value each one had. Now that is gone.


Yes, even adding a post-approval system can end up with some posts not being so-high quality. There are lots of stupid suggestions in #platform-feedback:website-features that have no point of being added. Locking it to regulars seems the best option. If not, then it should be made Post-Approval. But it should be made sure that the Posts in #development-discussion are high-quality. Not pointless like some of the feature requests.

I don’t think it needs to be “removed”, just higher restrictions to posting on there, However, some members do make very good discussion topics, but some don’t and use it for silly reasons.

I dislike it how you didn’t put ‘Keep it as is’ as an option to pick from.
I think it shoud be regluar again too, but give people more options.
(Sorry for my HORRIBLE spelling)

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An example of a good dev discussion would be this. However, the dev discussion category 90% of the time is not that good. I’d close it to Regulars.

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@Cyafu I believe this was also a pretty good one

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What do you consider a developer?

And what do you think is the purpose of the DevForum?

It’s not so much a development discussion as to inquiring about each dev’s school activities, but it still was a good topic.


Well, not really?
It is low effort, just a poll. I created an explanation and stated a point.

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It just wasn’t related to development on ROBLOX but we had a decent conversation on it though.

To be a resource for Roblox developers, of course. But when we get topics like “have you memorized your user ID” or “what is your dream limited item” or (spoiler: topic was very insensitive) “have you considered suicide because your game failed” that isn’t very resourceful.


Then wouldn’t a solution be to introduce a place where general discussion could be made?

Off the “Dev Forum” though. Such as on discord.


No? This is the developer forum. There is a legacy category #lounge but like mentioned it is legacy, you really can’t expect to find anything resourceful there.

if anything a general discussion category would worsen things.