What are you working on currently? (2017)

image < dat booty 2 plump 4 ROBLAX


that’s what the tail is for :wink:

Now who had that animation plugin for importing blender animations? I need it pronto.


If I have to see the same thing one more time


Time for the hype train to get started for the next Ultimate Boxing update! Launch of this is Friday night (tomorrow).

This is the second design idea I was going with. The first one was a giant wall of text, where I quickly said to myself “there has to be a better way”.
Right now, I am hoping that the Xbox release doesn’t blow up in my face. I don’t own or plan to own an Xbox One. :stuck_out_tongue:

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U srsly don’t know? Blender rig exporter/animation importer the man is a genius lol.

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All female hairs for alpha are ready <3
Male and female body.

"F-ing wires

Jesus Christ"

I could watch this all day.

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A little outhouse to collect water gonna be part of my new showcase i’m working on



Here is my neat movement system I am creating for a project! My aim is to have fluid action that feels satisfying to the player and gives them a lot of freedom.
First off, you can see your own body which is nice:

You can crouch by pressing C and crawl by pressing CTRL, and sprint by holding shift (gif doesn’t do it justice!)

You can crawl left, right, backwards and forwards

This allows you to get into hiding places you wouldn’t have been able to before…

Aiming with a gun using right click (some optimisation still needed)

When crouched it is much more stable as the animation for the character is a lot less hectic

When crawling

You can’t hear it here but I also have my own custom walking sound effects; soft for walking, harsh ones for running and also crouch walking makes the sounds much quieter so you can be stealthy.


1700s faction based roleplay game wip


Ooooooohhhhhhhhh thanks!

Ooooh! Woah thats way too cool!

What happened to your roleplay game?

Some of the people working for me decided against continuing the project as a lot of our content was stolen and published prior to us opening

Made a plugin that automatically parses source code in our framework and generates fancy source lists and dependency trees. It gives warnings for items that are unused / not included, and gives an error status if the script could not be parsed correctly, or if it is missing dependencies.


First time rendering something in cycles in… almost since the start of this year.

don’t worry this is the last image of this until textured, and then I’ll stop… until its imported and animated :stuck_out_tongue:


:thinking:, are you using Pro-lighting from Blender Guru?

OwO I did that good? :open_mouth:

I wish, I don’t have the funds at the moment to buy that. Though I’m wanting to buy it as soon as possible. What I did do though is pretty simple, just 3 planes with emission materials of different characters like so:


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