What are you working on currently? (2017)

I wouldn’t last 2 minutes with those cars ><

It looks nice but everything seems to be chugging a lot (either camera or car) why is that? Maybe you’re forgetting to set the right physics ownership somewhere?

What do you mean?

Also note that i am not even racing i am just showing the controls the physics the powerups the camera and so on… I am basically showcasing rather than racing there. Also it is captured from roblox video capture and it dramatically decreased a lot fps

I don’t race

The car looks it’s being driven by Tracer on steroids. I think the physics need a little work.

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It is meant to be like that as if it’s a toy car. Further more investigation on car’s physics will be done after alpha release of the game and tests

I really think the car needs to be priority number one. It looks very jittery and would put a dent in the ratings if alpha players see this.


It might be due to the video capture then, it just seems like the camera/car jumps forward/backward randomly every so many frames as if it’s lagging heavily

Indeed the vide capture quailty is very low.

Like other people have said, it looks like the car is rubber banding, which is the worst kind of thing in a racing game (or most games). I can’t see how it could be the capture software because why would it mix up the frames to make the car seem like it’s moving backwards? But yeah, if that’s happening in-game you definitely need to get that fixed


Lmao just wondering how are you moving the cars and attaching the camera? Something seems pretty off there…

I would really like to understand this. Like what do you mean with it? How it can be fixed i really hope to fix that when i finally understand what is the problem :confused: Could some of you somehow show me with examples please? Like some racing games that has that problem too and some racing games that has the right thing you want

I use roblox’s motor constraints and scripts to function them Just the steering is an angularvelocity mover on by purpose. I want it look like “toyish” and not much realistic so i did not add any front wheel steering mechanisms and stuff. Is iit that the problem youre talking about or what?

You got this on a live place somewhere to test maybe? Basically: the camera and car do not appear to move in a smooth trajectory like you’d expect it to. The car / the camera randomly speeds up / slows down and even moves back in the video sometimes. Also the car and camera do not appear synced at all, there’s no pattern to the choppiness. I’m not talking about how the car itself moves, it’s just there seems to be a problem with the car/camera teleporting back/forth compared to the velocity you’d expect it to go at.

Pretty sure this is a networkownership issue or a camera subject/type issue… Although Imaginze should upload this so we can look at it :stuck_out_tongue:

Here is a high performance video captured driving footage
(Also tweeked a little bit camera’s movement to be smoothier)








Doesn’t really rubber band at all, it’s all roblox physics based, it was all about camera CFraming (i used lerp to smoothen it and pretty much did something)
Tell me it is better now xp

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Sure i would like you to test it live and tell me really if it needs anything else

Link: https://www.roblox.com/games/399357119/Secret-Micro-Velocity

ok wow thats weird, its totally the video recorder then. All those gifs you posted show the same effect as before even the “before and after”. But ingame its smooth unlike those gifs.

So is it approved? :laughing:

The turning needs more dampening/smoothing imo but idk how far you wanna go with that. Also please don’t slide the camera laterally as much when you turn left and right, when im pressing A repeatedly in a turn its kinda jittery to my eyes. Otherwise its a good start :stuck_out_tongue: