What are you working on currently? (2017)

God i’d love to render this with my game engine, when its ready of course. Its such a scenic… scene.


I’m only doing basic collisions because this is for an AI/NPC system rather than for players.

If it was for players, I would probably allow the humanoid to “slide” on walls.

@EchoReaper because making ur own thing is funz.

Well, probably because I don’t want a r15 humanoid on the server as well as on the clients. Even though it’s probably not much of an issue…

Also, I feel that a custom humanoid system is more open to more possibilities, such as going through walls/players, not tripping randomly, etc.


You’re raycasting from the head and not the center? or are you doing multiple rays?

You can reduce their performance footprint by disabling humanoid states that you don’t need.

Body objects could help with this, or maybe disabling states to do with falling/tripping is enough.

You could use local parts that aren’t on the server, or use the upcoming collision groups to do this.

I’ve tried making custom character mechanics for players/NPCs before, and I just ended up discarding it because it had to deal with so many edge cases in inefficient ways (because of raycasting) that it wasn’t really worth doing it. Maybe for simple NPCs that don’t do anything but walk around or follow fixed node-paths, but once you need them to interact with moving objects / other characters / players, it becomes iffy real quick.

I realize this.

Pathfinding doesn’t like that very much.

Oh, when is that going to get released? 2018? (You get my point lol)

Yes, but luckily this is only for npcs that walk in a set path. I don’t really even need collision.

As for custom characters… no. Too hard, just as you said. Also, lets not even start with replicating custom player characters lol.

There’s really no reason (in this situation anyways) for me to not make a custom serversided humanoid system other than avoiding extra work. I personally find custom npcs fun and interesting. Sure, there’s a possibility I might say “screw it” and use roblox’s humanoids for the actual game, but for now… :evil:

Nope, they are on production since April 19 (http://devforum.roblox.com/t/collision-filters-on-gametest3/32945/15). They’re not enabled yet, but still they should be fairly soon if they were added to the API.

And OK regarding the other things, if they just walk around mostly then that is probably a good solution.

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Finally! qq I’ve been waiting for ages for collision filters. Now I just have to wait another month probably…

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Polished the way a day cycle (every 30 minutes) looks in my game and I’m pretty happy with the colorful results!

[details=4 images]http://i.imgur.com/xyediqo.jpg



Small side project with a friend


Teaching myself more non destructive blender modifier editing.


Skin modifier?

I’ve been implementing some kind of LOD mechanism for multiple visual effects/trails that I’m working on, and it turned out surprisingly well. I’m showing the lightning one as example because I’ve shown that one before

Before, about 20 FPS:


In this example I’m able to get as high as 55+ FPS with my LOD tricks with a ton of effects on screen:


Basically what I’m doing here is decreasing the detail of effects in the distance in two ways: if they are further away from the camera, they update less often, and the amount of lines per effect also decreases. So the detail stays in front of your camera, while effects in the distance have less detail. That leads to better performance because you have to update less stuff per step.

For low-end devices, the distance drop-off will be closer-by compared to high-end devices, but both devices will maintain 50+ FPS.

(Note: this is an obscene stress-test, I’ll never put so many intense particles on-screen at once in an actual game :grin:)


Wrong name, Its called the “Sp00ky Sp00der”

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Yeah, pretty basic, theres a decimator in there too

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#Thank you! Thank you! I gladly accept the golden gun awards.

(P.s. this is a screenshot from the render viewport with the gold matcap)

So for the past 3 hours I’ve been working on my prized anti material rifle in Planetside 2, the NS Archer. Weighing in at a heft 18,301 polygons, its the most detailed weapon I’ve ever made in blender. And also the 20th weapon I’ve modeled in Blender. (Yey! milestone achievement sound pls!) This is being modeled for my character I posted above, its mesh is not final yet as I still have a few tiny bits of detail to add in but its good enough to show off now.

P.s. I know its missing the ejector.


probably could’ve used ninjaripper and just ripped it right from the game but that works too

the archer is pretty rad

Thought about it honestly, but I wanted to be cool make it myself rather then cheat my way out.
Plus its a learning experience soooooooooooooooooooo.

But yeah Archer = god send. Anti everything, got a nice 320 kills with it, unlocked it about a month ago.

More UV mapping and themed skins, featuring bee movie quote

This is the first skin ive ever made so bare with me


You can’t use bees and wasps interchangeably like that.
Bees are bros.
Wasps are not bros.


Our racing project is turning out to be quite amazing so far

A big video teaser of the game so far


Please let us know how we are doing it so far, did you like it? Any changes needed? Let us know :slight_smile: