What are you working on currently? (2017)

whipped this up in a few secs in paint for a buddy as a joke back in july and he used it as his discord pfp and twitter lol.

hes a one man team kinda guy,
so i told him id make him a real one someday…
as usual this is what i do when i procrastinate


What if a player has no/little amounts of friends?

I’m in the middle of scripting that right now but if the player has <20 friends I’m filling up the list with the “Crew” rank of my group which is pretty much just my friends and the “Staff” rank which is just contractors I’ve paid for things.

I might choose a different pool of people to pull from but the bottom line is that I’ll just fill it up with users from somewhere else. I have automated ranks within my group so maybe I’ll fill it up with users in the group who have spent a significant amount of time in game or something. lots of ideas.

Nothing like ice cream during the freezing winter

Hey man I live in an “Icecream-year-round” climate.But hey I’m working on a coffee shop too. and a pizza place. Icecream is just the beginning of the mini-games in my city.

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i’m not sure if it’s the gif or the gui. but it feels a bit slow. a flip up inventory works best when it’s faster. maybe about .2 or .3 time.

It might be the gif, I just re-installed gyazo and it doesnt seem to be the same high quality it use to be.
But I’ll check out using those times since I know I don’t have it set to those times.

Considering this:

Would be identical to the basic box, and only found in crates.


change it to say “sheep”

edit: @E_3D try and record a 360p video with obs or something, then use imgur’s Video to gif tool.


With a game so simple it could be fun to have an instant-replay.


Thinking about it, it should be pretty easy to add as a feature but I’m wanting to release this game by Christmas so I may plan it for a future update.

SImple little low poly snow man I made


you know i had to do em xd


Rather embarrassingly I began trying the Minesweeper Master challenge on Google Code Jam, two years ago. I tried it numerous times, however I never really succeeded. The code would freeze or output a solution when there was none.

Nevertheless after taking months off from using Lua because of University, and my coding time being spent using JavaScript to create a battle simulator I finally came back to Lua on Christmas and tried the challenge again. I managed to complete it within an hour or so, which is satisfying yet infuriating given how long I worked on it before.


Merry late Christmas everyone! Part 6 of my progress (in order of the images and gfycats):

  • Working on new impact effects
  • Functional menu
  • not really a feature but macro fun
  • Stress testing combat with lots of AI (making custom humanoids)
  • Doesn’t look pretty yet, but I got a working Skill/Stat menu
  • Broken Ragdolls
  • More gameplay footage
  • Open the spoiler below to check out additional artwork made by us!
Open me to check out Icons and Thumbnail arts here!

Interested in what you see? Try the alpha gameplay demo for yourself here! I appreciate any feedback that comes our way. Combat works with controllers, however UI is untested.

*ps: its confusing at first so I advise you to face mash your keyboard. We are working on a better tutorial soon.


An extremely beautiful game; keep up the great work.

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Looks awesome! I can’t wait to play :octopus:

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The game is great however it would be even more great if you could add more keyboard controls for attacks, at the moment it feels like I only need to click to play the game, which doesn’t require much skill. Your game seems like it’s attempting to focus on an audience that would like to master their controls well, so I do recommend to add more variation to the attacks.

I really don’t want to sound needy but seeing that the game is in its early stages of development I would like to drop input sooner rather than later, sorry if you are already planning on adding more controls and that I just bugged you. :slight_smile:

Regardless it’s quite a great demo. I am looking forward to seeing more of this game in the future.

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