What are you working on currently? (2017)

The game is great however it would be even more great if you could add more keyboard controls for attacks, at the moment it feels like I only need to click to play the game, which doesn’t require much skill. Your game seems like it’s attempting to focus on an audience that would like to master their controls well, so I do recommend to add more variation to the attacks.

I really don’t want to sound needy but seeing that the game is in its early stages of development I would like to drop input sooner rather than later, sorry if you are already planning on adding more controls and that I just bugged you. :slight_smile:

Regardless it’s quite a great demo. I am looking forward to seeing more of this game in the future.

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Thank you all for the kind comments. We will definitely add more keys and skills. We are aiming for simple to play, but difficult to master. The class that is featured in the demo is meant to be a starter class and by no means hard.

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Delfino Plaza


Mystical Woods :deciduous_tree: :deciduous_tree: :sunny: :deciduous_tree: :deciduous_tree:


HAHA YES!!! Please tell me it’s published!

It is! I gotta fix some collisions

I spent an hour tonight making it look pretty, it’s a huge improvement

Here it is after some modification and scripting(GIF):

Roblox please fix

make rotated things clip with the other descendants


Looks great!

I’ve been working on some Scifi builds, and a few random things here and there.

And thanks to beams making things really simple for non-scripters like myself, I’ve been able to make some cool movement features there.

I also recently completed what I consider to be my most detailed model to date. A scifi computer console, designed after one from the Mass Effect games.

I am working on making a still scene with this and a few other props I have not finished yet.

I then took this console, and compared it to one made about a year and a half ago, and one three years ago. The result was a nice comparison of progress.

That about covers most of my show-worthy builds of late.


Try rounded corners.

Using decals? I don’t think it would be worth adding extra things to load in. I would rather things look alright and load in almost instantly than have even a slight delay in exchange for a slightly nicer look

I’ll get the word out about this. It’s awesome!

Not Roblox, but it’s something I’m working on and it’s game development so why not.

Working on a horror VR game in Unity for uni, where I’m the environment artist. The game takes place in a Victorian mansion. Below is a balcony scene.


That’s sick!! 1-1 here you come!

Never seen a Unity project look so amazing

I just got a VR headset and I want to play horror games with it so bad

make sure you post about it when its ready for release!!

Sorry for the messed up aspect ratio, geforce experience doesn’t understand how to record studio.
Incorporated little destruction system + camera effects + look at these sweet guns!
I achieved the camera effects by changing the cameraoffset in the humanoid every frame to the offset of the Head’s CFrame in relation to the HumanoidRootPart. So this means that the position of your camera is actually where the head is at all times meaning that animations, for example the walking animation, feel more fluid and immersive.

Spent some time today programming Roblox account linking on my website for the experience. It’s live now. Doesn’t really do anything, but the UI and backend and all programmed!

Hopefully I can integrate it with other projects in the future.


Only criticism: I’m assuming it’s a given that there’s work planned to be done on it, but at the moment it feels like the pistol is constantly being repositioned to fit the hands, instead of being held.

Compliments: Pistol is beautiful, absolutely feels fluid, love the changing sounds dependent upon what surface is hit.


Yeah, I have cloned each body part and using RenderStepped repositioned each part to the CFrame of the respective body part is was cloned from, meaning when you zoom in you can see yourself. The problem is, your real actual body seems to be one step ahead of this local body at all times. So if you turn around quickly, the arms will lag behind whereas the gun you are holding stays perfectly in front of you. I’ve tried getting around it, but I may just have to make your gun invisible and clone a fake one to place in your fake hands :wink: