What are you working on currently? (2017)

Reminds me of a Deus Ex level.

Edit: nvm that’s Mass Effect. The two have a similar style I guess.

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as x_o said you definitely have a lot to improve :wink:

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Check out Escape From Tarkov, it’s a great and beautiful game made in Unity.

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Forgot that game existed. Got some headlines from outlets I followed and disappeared into the dust.
Although I remember it getting some flak over quality degradation in later builds.
The problem with Unity and graphics is the capabilities barebones even with the Post Processing Stack is limited out ditching out a couple hundred bucks unless you have some extensive Post Process / Shader knowledge.
A good $200 for a good terrain solution throwing in good foliage model and shader support (Not even voxels. Thats a separate Like $50-$100 Granted you got some unique plugins like procedural ivy)
$50 for decent weather/clouds and sky solution
$50 for a good shader node editor
Good ~$50 for HBAO and the same for some other related effects
$50-$100 for a good AI solution
$50 for a simplified UI solution

You get the idea. Unity gives you a good base but you’ll be either spending a lot of money or a lot of time to get that AAA feel other engines coughUnrealcough can do after with ease after the learning curve.

Did a sun explode near your Japanese sanctuary?


A grey sun*

surprise it’s the police

Well I didn’t change the original lighting, with future is bright’s Lighting made the game way too bright, mostly on cascaded, but at least for me I liked the result ¯_(ツ)_/¯

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Monstercat released their last… release… for the year. Since the original number series for albums is dead, I am probably not going to be making a poster generator for next year. Here is what my JavaScript coded gave me this for this year:


Not necessarily with the build it’s self- more with contrast balancing with new lighting… but it’s new to everyone so :woman_shrugging:


I’m not sure if it was your reference or not, but the first images remind me of some offices from Deus Ex Human Revolution (namely the computers + ceiling light)

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You’re not the first person to tell me that, but I’ve never watched or played Deus Ex before xD

That is based on the Citadel Archives from the Mass Effect 3 Citadel DLC.

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I’m currently working on a game inspired from SimCity 4 (with a few twists I won’t reveal as of now). It requires a lot of stress testing and debugging – as well as the fact that the code has a lot of unnecessary copy-paste – but as of now it looks as if I have completed an algorithm that figures out how houses are built on the residential zones along roads that have been placed down.

Roads are grey and the residential zoning areas are green. It figures out how houses should be arranged (parts in pink).


Currently working on a Chernobyl based game with a few other devs.
*note: animations are temporary and are going to be redone. same as with a few other things seen in the video.


OMG YES, is it like Stalker/Escape From Tarkov?

Looking good, but inventory micro management especially with having to organize items based on their inventory shape always :face_vomiting:

Makes a lot more sense for a survival game, but its just not fun. One of my gripes about PUBG and why I play more Fortnite.


That’s actually a really good depiction, I can definitely see the resemblance. Thanks for showing me!

It looks fantastic so far. Everything we saw here was of a very very good quality.
I look forward to seeing more!