What are you working on currently? (2019)

I have been making a maze game but I fond it not fun to get lost so I made I so it seems like your lost but you really being lured by little things:


Currently working on some side projects such as a small office complex, a massive museum…ish sorta thing, and redoing one of my hotels so I can have something to showcase later on. I also have a driving game I’m currently working and hope to get that done soon! :grin:

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A little something @Blizzyrd and I made today :sunglasses:. All we need now are the fishies :tropical_fish:


Brushtool 2.0 is coming together nicely!

I have yet to work on the backend, lol.


You have no idea how excited my team and I are for this lmao


I am working on Portal surfaces! I am very close. Need help though!


How do you make the UI look like regular studio? thats awesome

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I believe they are Lua Widget GUI’s.
The insides though, I bet he made them from scratch following the same theme as Studio. Awesome indeed!

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Roblox has this library that they released along with widgets that lets you create all the standard ui menu type ui objects… (Radio buttons, CheckBoxs, ect…) It even handles detecting and switching up dark theme for you.

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  • I lifted a lot of the code from the toolbox plugin.
  • Roact library to write my UI components (the toolbox was using Roact so I kinda had to anyway).
  • Theme Api to get the colors.
  • The rest was painstakingly eyeballed and tested by me.

EDIT: I used the StudioWidgets for a few of my previous plugins, but I stopped using it because it’s not as flexible as components I made myself in Roact. It also doesn’t seem to be maintained anymore…

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Working on planning Nexus Admin 1.3.0, or “The Great Refactoring” as I call it. It will be my first large scale project with Nexus Instance.


No images as of yet to show anything significant but I am working on a genre based off the Titanomachy, essentially a battle in Greek Mythology between the Gods and Titans, should be a fun project, already made some decent progress as far as leveling, animations and magic system.

Dude that’s super cool.

Just some Gui bits:https://gyazo.com/99d4d922aacaa876690bb4c006aa4196.gif


Spent a little over an hour making an example for my friends game:


More stuff I guess

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I’m working on new music on my soundcloud https://soundcloud.com/420_21 and I aim to produce a showcase fit for the Elite Builders of Robloxia. Currently I’m just in mental forum for all my projects and I don’t really have a lot of ideas. So if anyone has any feel free to reply.

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Some more progress on my osu! beatmap renderer.


i knew it’d be a matter of time until games like that came to roblox, especially with how big the mobile playerbase is.


Hello! This is my first project I’ve very nearly finished.
It’s a remake of personal servers (no-one seems to remember these :slightly_frowning_face: ) with smooth terrain. I am now working on my second iteration which will use block terrain but here’s my current version. There are a few bugs that need fixing but I really put a lot of passion into this project as I spent years on the original personal servers with thousands of hours sank into them.

I learned loads from making this game and I’m hoping I can do better in the next version which is currently in the works…