What are you working on currently? (2019)

I built a sort of Podium Platform for the Huge Advertisement Block so it stands out. Giving it that more Professional feel. I also removed some pathways to clear out the middle area

I would like to see and play this game! :scream:

Since I got fully convinced to use Linux as a secondary OS, I’ve really liked it, and I’ve settled for Linux Mint. Tried re-creating it and well, it’s far from done, really ambitious project that I can finish most of it though


Whoa! I love this! I want to learn how did you do that?!

From my guessing this portal replicates the entire map through a ViewportFrame at the front, inside a SurfaceGui of the part, with the camera probably being the player camera. If touched at the front, it teleports you to the actual map in-game, creating a really cool effect like this.

EgoMoose and others discuss using ViewportFrame to create Portal effects in another thread:



sequel to before the dawn, but right now I’m just putting together the core mechanics, there is no gameplay loop yet



Working on an upcoming derby game.


Remade my Smooth Teleport for an upcoming Obby Builder game

What do you think?

h a m m e r ?


Hammer time!
Mind posting a view of its topology?

I just released a new game called Cloudbound. Feel free to comment with feedback/thoughts



If your goal is to have retention on this game in particular, I don’t think the "Doge simulator’ ads are going to help that, given that they instantly remove the player from the game; the “Play” button on these ads can be misleading, because it looks like it’s the button that you need to press to try again after failing, when it’s actually a link to instantly play a completely different game.

Other than that, this game has a cool aesthetic, but it doesn’t feel particularly challenging, as it’s only easy to fail if you rush your movements, and there’s no incentive to go faster or slower AFAIK.It would be more challenging if, say, the landscape were collapsing behind you, or if there were a time crunch by which you had to cross a certain distance (maybe I didn’t play it long enough for the challenging part to kick in though).

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Hey thank you for the reply. The ads are actually arbitrary to whoever purchases an ad at that time but I think users are able to tell it apart from the game over screen since 1) ads only come around every few games 2) and that it looks vastly different from the rest of the UI on the game over screen. Everyone I’ve come across seems to understand the ads.

I don’t think challenge is a problem with the game. The path does actually collapse behind you (which is a time crunch in itself I believe) faster as you go along, and I made the game easier by reducing the speed of that later in the game. I thought about this but I want people to be able to take themselves to ludicrously high scores - in Cloudbound, your only limit is yourself. I didn’t think I would have to make several extra score badges on launch day but I’m pleased that I did :slightly_smiling_face:


Great game! Very addictive. Works well on PC and mobile. I’m right behind you in the high score table at the moment.

My only critiques are that on mobile, the private server popup appears right where you press your right thumb to move, and this has gotten me killed a couple of times.
I also noticed that when moving between PC and mobile the keys to move and jump swap sides (move is right side of screen on mobile, but the left most button of q and e on PC), which keeps getting me killed due to muscle memory. Maybe an option to rebind keys on PC could help?

Other than those minor issues for me, i’m really impressed.

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mili jeep

White version


Just recently got heavily attached to Cinema4D and rendered over 3 stuff overall.

This one’s not very visible since I’m new to using lights and just experimenting around with things. You can see the non-render preview though.

More visible version of the 3rd render


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I’ve been working on a Mario maker clone, with some help from @RRRovert. The tileset and other mechanics are changed due to the copyright law.
Here’s two pictures of it.


Could the insipiration behind this possibly be a Spiral Knights monster/boss or a hat? It looks oddly familiar, image image feel free to google the mobs :stuck_out_tongue: