What are you working on currently? (2019)

The chassis uses hinge constraints, and does feature turning (and powered) wheels :joy:

However, they are practically invisible since the wheels don’t have much color or physical distinction to them. As to your idea about fake wheels welded to the real ones, I am currently using this and it’s been working great.

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Really nice. Out of interest how long did this game take to make and was it just you or have you got a team?
Graphics look butter smooth, really impressed and glad this games doing well for you. Nice to see someone take inspiration from a beloved game changing…game and make it their own!

If you want any help implementing this model into a working avatar on Roblox I’d be happy to help for free as it’s so original and intriguing. Congratulations on that design it’s very good.

Thanks for the feedback. The text on the side is at an angle where it’s difficult to view but when you use see the train from the side the text is clear.

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gun animations


Nice work, btw you may find this of interest:

I made two more visual effects, still trying improve and still watching some tutorials in order to get better :grin:


Jeez, I love your work. Someday if I get a better PC, I will totally follow in this type of path of visual effects. What software did you do it in? :open_mouth:


I am making a game with auto-generated users(because I never get any visits :confused: ) and while scripting their brains I ran into a hilarious bug that made them all jump of the base plate.

This is how the A.I. revolution will pane out in the future.


Here’s a quick paintball drone I made for BIG Paintball! :smile:


Funnily enough, I was working on a fun little Connect 4 clone…

When I looked on the front page…



Working on building up a tool to help experienced creators find team members and partners. It’s called EXP. More info here: https://twitter.com/JoeBpng/status/1188703408133476353

Built this :slight_smile:


That first one reminds me of the hallway in zerg’s lair on toy story xd

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I have been building for 3 years now, and i find that my builds are getting better and better with experience. Now, i attempted to make a 60s style television for Wasco County Police, and wanted to create a new one with the same style for people to buy and use.

I just wanted some feedback on the look and build of it…
Some constructed feedback would be great!


Might add more detail later.

A chillstep styled showcase. Just enter and relax.


Remember this?

This is him now:


Also, I am making a parkour/exploration scenery game of an alien planet. So far so good:


Your videos seem extremely choppy to me.
Roblox recorder is trash, so that is most likely why. Have you considered recording with OBS or any other recording software?

Also, I love the eerie vibe in that video.

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Thanks, man. I have TinyTake but it is so annoying to use. I was wondering what good screen recording programs are out there.