What are you working on currently? (2019)

Made some helmets for my game.


so much empty space, aaaaaah
what’s the model it goes on look like?

I’ve been recently working with @feIdhues on a new group called Little Ducklings Daycare. Currently, these are some images of the first version, including the office, nurses room, toilets and the start of a classroom.


I will be posting some more images after I make some more progress on the Daycare.


These be the cars. The one with the circle is that specific UV Map.


I work on a lot of stuff simultaneously and right now I’m holding off on the restaurant project until Phase 3 of FiB is released. I took the time out of my day to update one of my smooth terrain showcases in Roblox, it’s called Bloxxer’s Valley and I just updated it to 1.04. I added a lot of terrain and grass to it. I hope you guys like it :slight_smile:

Here is the link to the showcase if you want to play: Bloxxer's Valley revision 5 - Roblox


Do the first 2 floors of the alvinblox looking building (only because of the one blue stripe :joy:) have interior? Thanks for the sneaky peeky.

Those are some incredible images. How do you make them that good?

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It’s a mix of realistic lighting (blueish OutdoorAmbient and orangeish ColorShift_Top), use of post processing (especially contrast, it’s really prevalent in this build), and custom terrain colors. I also happen to have a lot of experience with smooth terrain.

Many good, much nice! Kudos and keep it up.

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Would be nice if you had the cover picture be more blurred at the top and bottom, so that the text pops out more.

Common ; Uncommon ; Rare ; Legendary Chests for my game.


I might open source this virtual reality realistic teleportation system, it looks a lot cooler when you’re actually playing it in VR.

Lol it’s just a little bit of a prank.

Carnival Flags thing for a rope plugin.


I remade some of the old building tools to work with FE. Just need to improve the copy tool a tiny bit.


Perfect, i really need this !!

The picture explains itself.

working on a tanker truck out of meshes if you still don’t get it


If you want I can give them to you, if you don’t mind messy code and unprotected events.

I would be so grateful! Thank you so much!

Made a pretty hot staff for vCaffy’s game Dungeon Quest with the help of my friend JaiyC_319! Any thoughts?


If you’re taking any suggestions, would be cool to be able to apply any type of object to the rope, and not just flags. E.g.:

Also, the ability for those attachments to be saved (maybe create tags to track called “_XAXARopeAttachment” to avoid conflicts with developer tags/other plugins), store an ObjectValue to the next node, and whenever the attachment’s parent part moves, automatically update the rope. By saving that these are ropes, you can also do stuff like update all segments in the rope if you update the appearance of one (e.g. color, material, etc).

Another cool thing would be to be able to generate a rope between two attachments when selected, rather than manually clicking. This would make it easy for ropes that are attached to posts/etc where I can just duplicate the posts a bunch, and then select the attachments to connect, rather than having to manually select locations on them one by one.