What are you working on currently? (2020)

I don’t think this will get taken down. This definitely falls under fair use, as it is taking Discord and transforming it. Discord doesn’t have any rights to take down every single messaging service that behaves the same.

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You could add some buildings or make a little town area.

knif animated

also rewrote the gun controller to fit new classes, mostly separating keybind groups to make functions customizable, and making adding new gun types really easy. All you have to do now is just write some keybinds and a few custom functions for the weapons.






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i hope it dont happens again…


(ok so i might have to change the date for it im sry :frowning:)

Been working on a prison game, For about 2 months


Dang it looks cool if so can we try it out?

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more sparmks and more melee


I was hoping the frag would blow up with sound.:sweat_smile: I can’t wait to see the final product!


Hello there guys.
So many amazing stuff in this topic.

I am currently working on a racing game current map size flat terrain is 1,638,400 studs.
My computer crashes like every half an hour :sweat_smile:

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should i do anything else?

reply to me if i should add anything

i am going to make a village later on in the future but im mostly just making it a little islands but thanks for telling me

The first food that fills the hunger bar is complete, an apple, it can fall from a tree at random times.

  • Note: after about 5-10 minutes have passed since the apple has spawned it will be considered “rotten” and will only fill half of the original hunger as well as cause damage to the player.


Screenshot 2020-06-05 at 00.59.34
Made an HD version of the classic Bloxy Cola. All textures are custom made, apart from the photos I took for the top and bottom.

Mesh is 100% free to use, but where can I post a link to this on the forum?

(Update: Barcode is removed from the current revision due to trouble.)


No problem, I’d love to see what you do with the game. :shamrock:

If so can you add me and we can build

Sadly I’m not a builder, I work in photoshop and create graphics.

Prepping an old map by @TrustMeImRussian with new roads & mods to make a nice test track for the new chassis! Can’t wait to let people get their hands on it.

Here’s a video with some pics of the new chassis improvements (again lol. Lots of little improvements)


oof well its okay :stuck_out_tongue: thx fofr telling me tho