What are you working on currently? (2020)

Reworking some old places with the new shadowmap lighting. Definitely shows age old unions can still be pretty! The first image is from Dumbledore’s Office, which I am still working on and might be made into an interactive showcase. The other four pictures are from Hogwarts, a build I started in 2015 and I quit working on in 2018. A big chunk of the castle was removed because it was outdated (embarrassed to show it), but I felt proud enough of one section with the Great Hall to keep it published.


Oh my! That camera movement is sick. How’d you manage to pull that off?

Made myself a little plugin to change the time of day quicker in Studio. Hold Alt Gr and scroll to change by 15 minutes. Hold Alt Gr and press any number pad number (or / for 10 and * for 11) to set the time to that number (double press for afternoon/evening).

Just wanted to check how my game’s lighting looked at different times of day without having to keep popping into Lighting every time I needed to change it.


Nearly done with our current weapon system. Only stuff that is left is hit-feedback


Does it look cool in Disco

(Btw game is coming out 12Am pst

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Working on the map for my new game!


4 hours left!


Started working on ranged weapons, since I’m not that experienced in creating long distance weapons and usually the ones a created have a problem, I decided to use FastCast for the projectile system and modded it a little to fit what I’m planning.

  • Damage is different based on where you hit, head is instant kill.
  • Accessories don’t affect the hitboxes (my studio crashed at least 5 times trying to make this).
  • This tool is not complete, and I still need to make a new icon for it (currently using the default FastCast tool icon).

I was also getting a little bored over how combat looked so I decided to add some gore that can be enabled in settings (disabled by default, I don’t want a hammer hitting my door because of red fire particles).

Edit: Blood particle has been updated


The Last Days (new post-apocalyptic open-world game) is starting to take shape. Here’s the map theme/map environment.

Feel free to keep update to date on progress by joining the Discord server: The Last Days Server


I am working on a comedy game, for my group. It would help if you would want to join! :+1:t3:

Witches Brew HD!

Screenshot 2020-06-06 at 22.57.39


Dropped the gameplay trailer for Borderline :smiley:


Wow, that looks really fun! My only suggestion is to add some smaller details around the map, unless it affects performance too much. If the game ends up being as good as the trailer, I can see this game getting really popular!

I don’t think the energy of the Beastie Boys matches the very low energy of the actual video and visuals.

I made this cool Elevator effect - it’s a game with no purpose but looks quite cool! https://www.roblox.com/games/5142536521/Elevator

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About to start making a Bloxy Cola making machine! Blank cans will go in and a band of labels, and out comes the finished product!


working on a portfolio kinda


Some meshes i made for my game :3

Capture (1)



Maybe GarageBand isn’t as bad as I thought:

I totally didn’t use some free assets, just wanted to test this thingy out, it’s pretty nice