What are you working on currently? (2022)

Well, the most recent thing I’m still working on from last year is my fancy room showcase.

I am very excited to see what the folks over at Roblox and the users on the platform have to bring us this year!


I have been working on a small very low poly RPG in my free time. There’s still a lot to do and many things will be redone I’m hoping to make the game very low poly as I hope to make it mobile compatible. Below are just some of the assets I have done for the game.

Sort of houses/style the game will have not the most detailed looked but for what I have so far I think it looks alright and I may edit later in project depending.

Wish I had more done to show screenshots of but I’m hoping to complete it as a semi-solo game from what I have learned throughout 2021 and add features that a lot of current RPGs don’t have. :grinning:


This year I am focusing on merging my love for 2D face/clothing design with my love for 3D accessory creation so I can start creating avatar ideas that utilize all my skills!

This is an example of my first one of the year! Everything in the showcase, with the exception of the hair (credits to GENKROCO) were made by me. I am having a lot of fun meshing my different hobbies together, and I can not wait to see where I will be able to take this concept as the year progresses! <3


future lighting tech + pbr furniture + materialservice
we getting somewhere


Hey all! Happy new year 2022!
Im working one of my favorite game projects called Valorous Expedition.
Basically PvE survival game with guns and melees. Kind of like Borderlands.

I’ve been keeping up my devlog quite a while. It’s pretty engrossing looking back my first update, and to my 6th update.




Rocky Greens

March 2021

August 2021

November 2021
Revamping the map using terrain meshes.
Not in final stage. Lots of things are subjected to change.

Here are my 10 guns I modeled in Blender. Being using it for 1 year and got hang of it quick.
And a sprinkle of aromatic spices, I animate all of them by myself too.
The other 3: HR-1940, MGR-20, and ABR, are my custom builds, but still use few gun design reference.

I did developed few useful skills in 2021, surprisingly enough:
1.My building design improved, new revamped map for example.
2.To be able script advanced things (the gun and melee framework system made by scratch, and basic use of OOP)
3. Learn how to model and animate in Blender.

Still learning the basics of those roles right now, but still adapting it. I’m a kind of person who wants to do multiple roles just like I stated above. But I burnt out a bit in the last few months of 2021. So I thought I can keep up my motivation and consistency by posting my progress right here. I hope this should uplift me anyway.

UPDATE: The game is now up for testing! Feel free to try it out and provide feedback if necessary.
Reply here if you have any concern or question, I will be glad to assist you.


I’m started on a new project for 2022. I called it dark seas. I’m currently searching someone to script it, if you intrested please message me. Here are some screenshots. Thanks for reading


WOW! That’s incredible! I seriously hope you’ll work for a game developer one day!


Working with the FOWC developers on a remake of D-Day ᵀᴴᴱ ᴼᴿᴵᴳᴵᴺᴬᴸ by @TonyGroce.

Also on our newest game, expected release sometime in the next few months, Flames of War: Rising Sun, based on the Pacific Theatre


made my first ever low poly map!


this made me uncofmfortable, it’s nice btw…


I’m currently still on holiday, so all I’ve done was idea brainstorming. When I get back to developing, I will devlog and record my progress.

Random facts I can reveal for now:

  • Subtly mocks the 13+ part of the Roblox community, specifically the Youtube, Twitter and Reddit ones.

  • To hide this, the lore consists of people overthrowing the Robloxian Government (Roblox, but it’s a country in this universe), and establish a dictatorship that abolishes currency, executes dissenters, capitalists and those with contrary opinions to the new government (the average old Roblox nostalgists from r/Roblox)

  • Gameplay will be similar to the Lego videogames (character switching, camera shifting, health system and perhaps platforming/puzzles) and Madness Project Nexus (a lot of killing, shoot em up style) and story-like games (there’s several plot routes you can undergo)

  • Here are some crudely drawn enemy concepts, try see all the references to the Roblox community.


I’ve been working on my game Project: Vice a lot recently, I’ve made some icons for it, and teasers.

I have no idea when will I release it

The test place of the game’s available on my profile, if anybody is interested to play.


First thing I do online 2022: New computer!!!

Been putting up with a trashy 2007ish computer for about 2 years now. Heheh, the new setup is pretty grand. . .

Sorry for that, I am a bit too excited. With this new computer, I’ll be able to finally make what I need to. I can actually download blender, don’t have to worry about random PC crashes, and it doesn’t take 10 years to load.

I have high hopes for this year. Working on my game High Seas, will release soon. Just launched an update, gearing to release https://www.roblox.com/games/8009590222/Testing-High-Seas



Year in Review

Early 2021

When 2021 started, I was starting to wrap up my Underground Facility project that I started working on back in September of 2020. This is also the time when I made a portfolio and started doing commissions.

Mid 2021

As an inexperienced builder on the platform, I started to become a lot more involved in the Roblox developer community to improve my skills. I constantly posted and replied to thousands of topics on the Developer Forum. And soon, I made a small name for myself on this website. This is when I started working on my Mellow Abode. And eventually, I started making some Robux from commissions, more established Developers started to contact me, and I got accepted into the Roblox Architects and the Uber Builders Club. I also created my own fan group that fans can join!

End 2021

With the final months of the year, I’ve improved myself as a developer and as a person. I started a Twitter account, my own Guilded Server called The Roblox Community of Developers, and a Roblox group along with it with my good friend @FunnelCreator.


  1. DevEx at least once.

  2. Build faster.

  3. Get a better imagination.

Screenshots of my work from this year:


I’ve been learning Web Development trough some courses.

Here is some of my progress:
My personal site:

A CSS only page I did for fun (extreme satisfation):


I’m currently working on some low-poly builds for my tycoon! Here are some examples:

Excited for what’s to come!


I’m currently working on ‘The Robloxian Bank’. It’s actually turning out pretty great! It’s still work in progress, but here’s how it currently looks:

Me and my friend are also working on a fighting game with events and different gamemodes. It’ll most likely release in late 2022. The maps are currently pretty empty, but that’s because we haven’t worked too much on it yet! You’ll definitely see some changes in the future.


This is my little project I’ve been working on since the 12th of january:

A lobby for my friend his collection of people’s creations, I really love how the chandelier turned out

I work for a group called TPG Productions, and here are some things I made for them

The video cameras in the last 2 pictures aren’t made by me.

I also started making accessories a while ago:

Happy new year, wishing you the best! :clinking_glasses:


I really like PVP games, but there are many games which have bad mechanics, or they have good mechanics but they’re executed terribly. I’m trying to figure out how I can possibly make the best and least laggy mechanics scripting-wise. I don’t currently have images of my game, but I will link it if anyone is interested in giving it a look, and I will have a big amount of text describing it.

(Little heads up, this game so far is decently similar to “n the jojo game”, so if you don’t like that game then I don’t recommend you continue)

First of all, to get this out the way: There are random NPCs sitting around the game. These don’t do anything useful, and will most likely never do anything useful. All they do is talk. The NPCs may possibly be who explain things to new players, but there will also be a menu explaining it.

This is a PVP game, obviously I need to explain the mechanics. In the game you will start with a GUI, displaying a set of fighting styles you can choose from. There isn’t a GUI yet, but I will work on it soon. The only fighting style in the game is currently called “Shadow Saber”.

Each fighting style has a specific set of moves, but they all follow this little template.

Q - Special 1
E - Move 1
R - Move 2
T - Special 2
G - Ultimate 1
H - Ultimate 2
X - Move 3
C - Special 3
V - Special 4

M1 - Mouse

N - Taunt

Z / LCtrl - Sprint (Keybind undecided, currently LCtrl)
F - Guard

It’s a move that any fighting style similar to this could replicate. For example, if I’m just punching forwards, anyone could obviously replicate that.

A move completely unique to its fighting style, that no one else could replicate. For example, if someone threw a fireball out of their hands, it would be near to impossible for someone without fire powers to replicate it.

An incredibly powerful move which gives the player a big advantage, unfortunately this needs a full damage bar to be used. (The damage bar will be explained later on)

A move completely unique and exclusive to the left mouse button.

A taunt completely unique for the fighting style.

Just something that lets you boost your WalkSpeed.

Lets you put your guard up, preventing any damage or stun from incoming enemies.

Obviously, you can’t just spam moves to infinitely combo someone. This is why there are cool-downs, which are displayed on the bottom left of your screen.
(The cool-downs are currently near to non-existent for testing purposes)

In PVP games like this, there is a very crucial mechanic which lets you do combos against enemies. Combos are the most important thing in games like these. Whoever has the longer stronger combo is usually the last one standing, as long as they’re able to land the combo. The mechanic that lets a player do this is: Stun. Every time you get hit or hit someone, an orange-ish bar will be shown on top of whoever got it, displaying for how long they are stunned. While you are stunned you’re stuck in place, and aren’t able to fight back. Each move changes depending on how long it stuns. There are some moves which are known as “Combo-Enders”. These moves, end combos, as said in the name. Meaning these moves either deal knock-back, or don’t have long enough stun for another move to be executed.

There are three ways you can avoid stun. The first one which anyone can do: is guarding. If you have your guard up, and somebody performs a move on you, you will avoid any damage and stun. Unfortunately, there is also a negative about this. There are some “Guard Breaking Moves”, which will disable your guard and stun you for 2 entire seconds. The second way is invincibility frames, which can’t really be activated, unless it’s by a very specific move. Invincibility frames are activated if someone does a move on you which is considered a “Grab Move”. A grab move is described by the name, a move that grabs you. For example, the enemy could grab you and barrage you for a short bit. But while he barrages you, you have invincibility frames so no one else can attack you. The last way is counters. Counters are punish moves, which punish the enemy for hitting you. Each counter is unique and has different things to it, but they’re all activated the same: By being hit.

Ultimate moves can only be activated once your damage bar is full, but what is your damage bar? It’s a red bar displayed at the bottom of your screen, that gets points added to it every time you deal damage. The amount of points added to it depends on how much damage you deal. Simple, right?

Now, to talk about the current move-set for the only fighting style in the game.

Shadow Saber

Yes, it’s a sword.

Passives (Abilities that can’t be disabled and are automatically activated)

Combo Mishap (CM)

If a move is missed then the player will sheathe their sword, putting them in a big amount of end lag. If the player lands the move, but doesn’t have another to follow up with, they will be put in end lag. The only way to not be put in end lag is if they use a move, and right away follow up with another.

Moves (Only the current ones in the game)

Q - Lightning Speed Cut

The user will strike a pose and will be given I-frames. Anyone within 30 studs will have a countdown bar on top of them (showing how much time they have to block, 0.5 seconds). If they block the user will be stunned for a second, but if they don’t, they’ll take 5 damage and be stunned for 2 seconds.

E - Vertical Chin Slash (CM Applies)

A really quick combo extender with a 0.1 second wind-up. This move deals 5 damage and stuns for an entire second.

R - Rage Filled Power Slash

Pretty much the E move but with a longer wind up, and guard breaks. This move also has an incredibly great amount of knock-back.

T - Lighting Speed Slashes (CM Applies)

This move has a big amount of knock-back, but can be blocked. If the move is landed, a little GUI will be shown on top of the enemy’s head. If T is pressed again, the enemy will be put in stun and will take a light amount of damage, if the enemy blocks this is nullified. The trigger can be used to escape combos or to get free combos.

G - Barrage Slashes (Requires 100 Damage)

If you use this on someone, you will grab them and proceed to barrage them. This move deals 40 damage in total.



X - Spin Slash (CM Applies)

The user will grab their sword and do a quick spin. Anyone who is hit by the spin will take a light amount of damage, but will proceed to take bleed damage too.

C - Sword Projectile

Honestly, I was running out of ideas lol. This move isn’t completely finished, but it’s in game so here’s a short description. A little light bullet shot from the sword, if it comes in contact with anyone they will be knocked back a bit and take big amounts of damage. If the bullet comes in contact with a random part it will get destroyed. This move guard breaks.



M1 - Jump Slash

Very similar to the E move, you just have a longer wind-up, and you dash before attacking.

N - Taunt
“Get out of the way. Or I’ll be forced to kill you.”

Game Link: ALSO, I forgot to mention, I do not own the decals inside the game. They are from a free model.

If you read this, thank you so much it took me an hour to type out lol
Happy new year, let’s hope 2022 isn’t as bad as 2020/2021!


Well, in this year, currently i’m working with my bud @Javest07 in Clash Of Roblox! Version Alpha 1.9

Currently upgrading to way better graphics, better GUI, more animations and more missions, along with some lore.



Hello fellow developers!

This year, I’ll hopefully be opening my big project “Ro-Adventures” later on!

Also another thing is that my UI skills have improved so much last year!

And thanks to ROBLOX for the amazing updates throughout the year!