What are you working on currently? (2022)

Thank you! The build was made using bricks and some reference pictures, but had I known about grease pen I probably would’ve used it as a better alternative. c:

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Coffee and food render, I think I’m really starting to get materials down now! (as usual click on picture for better quality)


That looks awesome!! I feel like that would be a lot of fun. I do have one recommendation though. If players get one of the cubes stuck in the corner, it could be quite annoying trying to get it out. Maybe add some kinda of curve to the corners so players can always get behind the cubes?

Sorry if that’s a bit confusing

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Oops… sorry about that.

Public now.

side by side


technically above and below ig


Unknown places, explorer spirit :palm_tree: :red_car:


Get requests added to my DataStore manager windows app made in C#

Logs included to track errors

Example of a successful operation log:

11/04/2022 00:57:40 [GET] Begin process...
11/04/2022 00:57:40: [GET] Request sent to https://apis.roblox.com/datastores/v1/universes/2606675525/standard-datastores/datastore/entries/entry?datastoreName=NewDS-CsTest&entryKey=1.
11/04/2022 00:57:43: [GET] Elaborating response...
11/04/2022 00:57:43: [GET] Process completed in 0 seconds.

Had a recent burst of inspiration so I decided to work a little more on one of my derelict showcases:


Nice genius looks cool
But the neon thing is a part or a texture?

A showcase where the camera is set to a specific place.


Goodbye Jungle, Let’s work with New ecosystems :eyes:


Watermark commission for @Mysterious8805




The neon thing is a part with a texture that moves.

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I forgot this post even existed!

Guess I’ll post what I’ve just recently finished. This is an “Uchigatana”, basically a lower quality katana intended for ashigaru during Feudal Japan’s Sengoku Jidai period. (allthough katana used to be called uchigatana so there isn’t really a distinguishing difference)

Created this for a commission.


more photos!!!


It’s a part with an animated translucent texture the node set up should be something like this

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Not really much to do in the OS yet, but I decided to let people mess around with the bare bone GUI for feedback. So make sure to give me some feedback!

ROS - Roblox



Kaoç is an open world sandbox game set in a satirical near future (2027) Brazil that I’ve been working on since August of 2021.

I’ve been aiming to create a large, beautiful and varied open world full of detail, funny satirical brands and more. After a few months, the amount of progress I’ve done is massive. I’ve changed the artstyle to an 80’s City Pop painting inspired style with a decent amount of detail.

The state of Kaoç is now larger than games like GTA Vice City and has 3 cities, based on iconic Brazilian cities:

The City Of Kaoç, based on Rio De Janeiro

(Fictional housing)

(Kahuna Beach, based on Copacabana Beach)

(Flatline City Center, based on New York City Center)

(Richard Duvin Hotels, based on cancelled hotel concepts)

(Kaoç Museum Of Mockable Arts, based on Rio De Janeiro Museum Of Modern Arts)

(I❤️KAOC sign, based on I❤️RIO sign at Copacabana Beach)

Dragão, based on Sao Paulo and some other cities

(District based on Liberdade, which is by the way the world’s largest Japantown!)

(Large view from a fictional pier)

and Baía Dourada, based on Brasília

(Bridge based on the Juscelino Kubitschek bridge

(A large view of Baia Dourada)

That’s not all. You’ll also be able to go in the jungles outside the city and see some stunning views. Vegetation has been overhauled to look more detailed and to be easier on the eyes.

But that’s still not everything! Here are some of the interiors you’ll be able to check out during your perfectly legal trip across the state.

(Novan, Based on a McDonald’s in Liberdade)

(Neotech, a Y2K clothing store)

(Encore(!), a casual clothing store)

(Flatline City Center, a mall based on the New York City Center)

(Golden Dawn, a fictional hotel)

(these aren’t all the interiors in the map)

All of this is in a single map and runs well, even on mobile devices thanks to LODs and StreamingEnabled.

I’m proud of my work, and I’m hoping I can finish this game soon. You can join the game’s Discord server if you want to ask any questions or want to see some work in progress content.


i promise this is for something really important

finally decided to pick an animation to do, starring two friends and a conflict that starts small and escalates to great heights

reminds me of another animation that follows the same plot that was coincidentally made around the same time last year…