Feedback on watermark for @Mysterious8805 (Mysterious_Creations)

Hey developers! @Mysterious8805 commissioned me to make him a watermark, and I would love some feedback!
I will be opening commissions soon, so if you would like to hire me, feel free to send me a message and I’ll contact you when I’m available!
Program(s) used: Blender/Photoshop
Time taken: 3 hours
Thanks in advance for your feedback!
Attached is the finished product.

(And an alternate version for different themes)


Nice! I like how you mixed it with blue. (I also like the TC overlay)

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How do you change the Background of your profile picture?



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Hi Luca, I’ve gotten this question asked many times, I might as well create a community tutorial, I’ll do that soon.
I used this item:

It costs 175 robux, just equip in on your avatar, log out of devforum, and log back in. It will have saved your avatar with the background, you can now take it off and it will still stay on your devforum profile picture.

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Thank you!!! :slight_smile: I like ppl that help others!