What are you working on currently? (2023)

I’m working on my first game. A tower defense game called Goofy Defense! I’ve made another post about it recently that goes in a lot more depth.

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I’ve been working on my UGC Portfolio

(fully modeled in Roblox Studio using solid modeling)


Looks very good!
If you want to make it as accurate as possible, I would add some of the decals on the walls like the giant letters and numbers at the back and the orange decal on the wall near the charging station.
Another thing you could (dont have to) change is that those little orange lights on the wall look like Spotlights more than Pointlights in the original game. otherwise I think it looks perfect!

Model of the Day 104
Coffee table

Portfolio: Kristina's Portfolio


In my previous post, some might have noticed a strange phrase in one of its last paragraphs:

I guess I should explain what that is, as little as I can anymore thanks to my brain destroying itself. Basically, it’s the result of seeing people on the DevForums saying that it’s better practice to tag instances that have the same behavior instead of using a separate script for each.

Back when you saw those swinging doors, each individual door (and the counter’s “flap”) was using its own server script. Since then, I figured that other developers were right, and I created an iffy but somewhat reliable server script that tries to manage all tag-based gameplay elements and gimmicks.
The main component of this “Tag Class Framework” (as I sometimes call it) is the manager script. This script requires all of the modules within it (if they’re marked as usable), similar to PhysicsCharacterController by @dthecoolest, then scans for any tagged instances that match the tag that each module is looking for, running a specific function within the module that adds that instance to its “dictionary” and basically turns the instance into what it’s meant to be, for example adding a prompt to doors and letting you open them.

The script hooks into CollectionService’s tag added/removed event connections and fires the functions defined in the module’s settings automatically, so these tasks don’t need to be implemented into each module individually (or worse, as separate server scripts). :angst:

Since then, more parts of my incomplete restaurant are beginning to use this “framework”, like those queue lines and the previously-script that replaces colored boxes around the restaurant with actual furniture (the CloneContainer class).

There is also a “demonstration” module (SampleModule), which I guess I made in case I released this on the DevForums. It was updated to use a new feature (which makes this post on-topic):


Classes can receive commands from NPCs (and other server scripts) and players through a BindableFunction and RemoteFunction. While it isn’t being used for the latter case just yet, this lets the potential NPCs do things like opening doors or joining queue lines, things that only players can do otherwise.

The format for sending commands, if you’re curious, is:

ServerStorage.TagClasses.GiveTagClassCommand:Invoke([character model], "Class", [ID], "command", [optional data dictionary])

All tagged instances that are processed by these classes are given an ID (a GUID string for instances that can be added/removed at any time like doors, and a simple number for permanent things like queue lines), which is usually stored in an attribute named “ObjectGUID”. The tag manager script is what receives these commands, which then converts the character reference into its associated CharacterStorage character entry then gives the class’ “command handler” function the requester’s entry, the object ID, command, and extra data.

…this is probably getting boring, as it’s pretty technical, right? Well, let’s see this new function in action! Swinging doors in my experience use the “StandardDoor” tag, which causes the StandardDoor class to transform them into usable doors with a ProximityPrompt (for players) and a response function for NPCs. When I send an “open” command to a specific door, it immediately opens, regardless of the distance that I do it from. Here’s a video proving that this works:

Some might have noticed that I mentioned that players can use the RemoteFunction to call this function, which doesn’t have a distance limit on it, and began to fear what exploiters could do with this, and…yeah, you’re right, this bypasses the distance check that is usually enforced when a player uses the prompt, but I could always let the response function know that this is a request from a player, and use the appropriate function. It doesn’t have a distance limit for NPCs because I can’t trust that I’d program them well, so it’d be better to make the door open before they even get near it.

I really am always considering NPCs when making functions nowadays; I wonder if any other Roblox experience has tried to “unify” players and NPCs as much as I have… :ohmy:

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i work on apartments


Started working on more content for my WIP- RPG game on roblox-


Game is pretty decent, lighting needs to be improved though.

Well what are you waiting for advertise the game?

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Thank you so much for the feedback.

I and my teammate haven’t decided what we could do in order to advertise the game because we have a low-budget advertisement. We may attempt to create social media accounts on TikTok, YouTube, etc.

Last week i am working on my first PvP Game, i think i have not bad results

Winter Map with my sword model


Here you can see a Map Vote System.


Working on UI now. Nothing fancy, just some basic stuff


Still working on this game:


Yo guys roblox has now implemented farflands


And bear in mind, this is really far out, like this far

So don’t worry!


I have released qTools this week, a plugin with 121 snippets for Roblox Studio designed to code a lot faster!

Between all the functionalities that qTools offers, these are some of the core features:

Make references to any instance in your game, anywhere

Write any kind of loop supported by Roblox

Access all Roblox Studio's Services

Create fully working leaderboards in no time

Built-in UI with help and information about every command

Here is the link to the official devforum post, where you can also find more information.

Are you interested in qTools? Get it here! (50% off until September 1st).




Im trying to learn how to model guns so I can get more commissions.

this is my really bad first attempt lol


I think im getting somewhere, but still have a long ways to go.


I was bored and wanted to design some UI. :innocent:


how did you make that mine are like low quality like look at this:


Im working on port inspired by game: Shipping Lanes.
Port includes cargo type: Cars, Bulk, Container, Gas.