What are you working on currently? (2023)

sowwy for not really posting my pelvis really hurts and i wasnt really able to work on my game since i ran out of ideas but heres finally a sneak peak of my new game that’ll finally stick


totally not based off gran turismo 5 for the ps3 go look it up and maybe play it its a very fun racing simulator

also the main menu incase y’all wondering


A Horror/Shooter called Before Dawn

I’ve been working on Before Dawn with a friend for a while and am super proud of how it’s coming along. It’s a gorey shooter game slightly based on the movie “The Purge”

Here’s some images:

Possible logo: (Sorry for the "By Entertainable"s, don’t want anyone stealing)

An anticheat I made which the game will be using:


sadly, due to the devforum i cant show any clips, since its too big and it sucks, you should make it 20 mb

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What am I working on?

Number 1: Full-Text Search (IR system).

I’m currently working on something called “Full-Text Search” which is an IR system (Information Retrieval) that consists of a few core features for quick “big-data” querying.

I’ve made two of these core functions onto Roblox this year back in January:
StringDiff - String Similarity Metric Diffing Algorithm - Resources / Community Resources - DevForum | Roblox

StringStem - Porter Stemmer Algorithm for IR systems - Resources / Community Resources - DevForum | Roblox

These two modules represent the core functionality for most FTS versions but a more detailed explanation can be found here:
Player (That’s not in-game) Information Search - Help and Feedback / Scripting Support - DevForum | Roblox

I have already made a primitive FTS lookup for sentences, but it is lacking the TrigramSearch functionality which is replaced by my StringDiff module. I am contemplating whether or not I should also implement TrigramSearch from FTS as it works a bit differently as it would be part of the actual querying process (and optimized for that) and rather not in the pre-processing phase as I currently have it. Right now I am also contemplating how this would work for non-language models where a stemmer would not be a feasible option, such as ID or username based searches. I am quite sure TrigramSearch handles this although a real FTS system has a lot of different querying methods that take these into consideration, more study is needed.

Number 2: Got hired into a professional Roblox gaming studio.

I will currently be tasked to work long-term in a few core features for an Ice Cream game where I’ll work on AI, pathfinding and other such cool systems. I am quite satisfied with this studio and I look forward to starting out.

I made a king of the hill game, except its bots playing the game.


2023-02-13 19-46-32 is the the video

Again, directing users to an external website is not only unsafe, but extremely sketchy on your end. You don’t know if this web developer you hired has good intentions, as they can hide malicious code in your site. Also, implementing scripting in-game is extremely unsafe and could cause the entire game to break, and in the worst case scenario, could expose your audience to something unsavory.

What you’re trying to do is unsafe. I see the ambition here, but it’s irresponsible and dangerous.

As of now, I am actually working on 2 games! The first one (my own) is called Soccer World. I might change the name later to be more original.

Second one is called TREE. I am the main programmer and UI designer. The owner is @SenneD7_DevForum. It will be an RPG style game, with lots of different mobs you can fight with swords, maybe even guns! We promise this will be a fun game!

Now my own game! It’s a football (soccer for you americans) game with lots of unique things, there are scripted goalkeepers to make it harder to score, so that it doesn’t end like 101 - 56 as end score.
Aswell as a 1v1 mode, map voting, cool lobby, leaderboard and even a small little shop you can buy stuff from to help you with the game. For example, cards: They can boost your defending, shooting, speed etc. This will also be another advanced and fun game!


A slither io type game. So far I only have the snake.

You might wanna move the location of the toddler a bit when on the hand, it currently looks like its being grabbed by the neck lol


Revamped UI (Don’t mind the output lol)



Array modifier + curve modifier go brrrrrr

(Unless you didn’t do that :confused:)

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Yeah, that isn’t close to how it’s supposed to look; Just today, I made a “holding” pose and adjusted the toddler’s positioning, so it looks better.

It’s hard to actually pose the adult holding the toddler, because I can’t weld them together the same way in the editor; When I try, the adult’s hand disconnects and attaches to the toddler.


Right now I’m working on my first obby:

I know it’s some kind of clone of games that already exists, but my son plays them often, so I thought “Let’s do one by myself”

Feedback is welcome. Do you find something that is broken or buggy? Is it too hard/easy? I know that there is not much sound implemented yet, I’ll eventually come to that later.

I’m sorry if my english is not very well, it’s not my mother-tongue :wink:


Modifiers scare me. :grinning:

Where could I have used them?

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I would suggest adding an animation while moving the camera. Such chaotic changes in the position of the camera may not be the greatest for players :wink:


Something is baking…

You may also notice something about my UI. And my file directory. And the programs in my dash bar. Don’t worry about it.