What are you working on currently? (2023)

It’s okay. I actually would like to see more experiences hide instances and default text for exploiters to find…

Anyways, I think I should let this topic get back on topic.

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A camera orbiting system for ViewportFrames. Not sure what this will be used for yet.







I’ve also been working on a substantial update to a plugin that helps make UI.





Looks very cool! I would use that Plug-In/UI!

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After months of procrastination, I have finally finished the main model and am going to start the texturing. :slight_smile:


A spring would look really nice!

A simulated spring would make it act like real compasses by adding the physics of the needle being attracted to the destination. You would need to do some math though to get the spring to work correctly with angle values (because 1 and 359 are 2 degrees appart, while with the spring they’re 358 units apart). (I believe the best way to fix this would be to reset the spring each frame and use the change instead of the actual value).

I recommend Quenty’s:

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I just started trying Roblox’s take on Github Copilot. Found its fatal flaw: it’s trained on all the garbage in the Toolbox :ohmy:

Obviously I exploited this for clout.

:uhh: Great stuff.

Actual things though, I’ve been doing some stuff for my game. I made this cool crate animation:
[crop output image]

Ignoring the awful test colors, I think it looks pretty satisfying!


Whoa, that’s a very detailed :musical_keyboard:piano! What will it be used for?

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I am making a powerful Luau hybrid called Moonlight.

It is planning to have 15 functions that you can use.

If you have suggestions for Moonlight you can check out the post I made:
Moonlight - A powerful Luau hybrid - [Suggestions] - Help and Feedback / Creations Feedback - DevForum | Roblox

I noticed his arms are in a bunch of different parts lol


I’m currently working on [MULTIPLAYER] Beyond The Darkness - Roblox, I’m planning to improve game even more and add new content!


[Food model] Homemade Matcha Swiss Roll!:yum:


It looks very good! I would eat it
(If you need ideas maybe next time you can make pasta with green pesto :yum:)


Thank you! that’s sounds great, I like pasta too😋

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we do a little petitioning :flushed:


I’m fed up with Roblox animations, so I’m currently working on my own animation system that includes keyframe customizability.

The only thing it’s missing is an intuitive editor, but I’m using it for an FPS system I’m making.

I mainly did this due to the new animation bug that was recently fixed, but also because of the fact that animations are online and require to be downloaded. I don’t like the library, and I’d prefer to store all my keyframes without having to download them separately.

Although it is very unintuitive to edit these animations, I’m planning on making an editor for them. Once that’s done, I’ll make it a plugin and release it as open source (though I’m only planning to if I decide to make an editor).

I’ll need to also implement animation blending and weights, which I’m imagining are a pain to do as I’d need to create another object equivalent to what Roblox uses (an AnimationController) to control multiple animations at the same time and blend them.


I am currently working alongside @Scripter_Rickster in order to redesign and refresh Sr. Admin. Which has alot of potential. So far I have made quite alot of the UI and the only thing that I am struggling on is importing it. Here is the current UI For Sr.Admin v2:

Open To View

If you wish to find out more about Sr.Admin v2 then please check out this post for future updates towards the project:

Planned Release Date (10 April - 15 April) depending on how fast I can replicate the UI in studio. (Designed with https://figma.com) Completely original designs.

v1.5 == v2.

It’s the UI v2 but the actual version is 1.5


Just sort of a project to help me learn how to 3D model better; it can also be used for my portfolio.


I’ve finally changed the art-style for my game Train Wars to a more cartoony and stylized style to better ressemble the comic book style I was looking in the promotional art!

Along with the new style for the game, I made a new icon too with the same intention of giving it more personality!

New icon:

New art-style:


Working on my custom grass system

A while back I made a grass system but was pretty buggy and not super performant so I decided to redo it. I’m still working on it but I wanted to share some cool screenshots of it

Here’s a visual of the checks it does to decide where grass can spawn:

With grass meshes:

Color variation using perlin noise:

Sloped ground

The spawn points are baked upon loading into the game so It doesn’t do any raycasting in real time