What are you working on currently? (2023)


Winner podiums with unlockable victory animations


Well, I guess I’m back on this platform again…

After over a year of my personal development group being shut down and 10+ months being off the platform entirely, I just casually mentioned in a friend group that I made games on Roblox. 2 days later, I was working on a game with them. Sooo…

I don’t want to give away too much here, but I’ve been working on some western-style buildings for the first map. The style for this game is just going to be simplistic as far as number of parts and complexity goes, but we will be using materials and lighting. The aim is to use all Roblox built-in parts and no meshes or anything.

The awnings in the front are templates and chain together, so I can just copy paste them in front of buildings when I start actually assembling the town.

Edit: I still have to add some minor details but the town is almost done:


1860 henry repeater


A modern theatre

Portfolio: https://kristinaportfolio.carrd.co/


He’s actually mad all over the forum. Ignore him please. He actually wants to get banned.


I want to redo the art-style of my game Train Wars, and the first step I’m taking is to change the icon.

I’m running a poll in #help-and-feedback:creations-feedback to decide if I change the icon to the new one or not, feel free to enter and give your opinion!

New Icon Old Icon
Icon TrainWars

How did you do this? Ive made a fully working shootable and sinkable ship but I was not able to make the ship sway on the waves. I have been trying for years, but I can find how to do this. Amazing job.


I think both are pretty well made maybe switch them up after some time.

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Continuing to work on my Pirate game.
Added big pirate ship that is supposed to be controlled by many players.

Gonna give maximum gameplay freedom, since that’s what pirating is about. You will be able to commandeer (blatantly steal) the ships of other players, if you just climb on board and kill the crew.


Good idea, I didn’t think of it!

I could swap them from time to time to keep the icon fresh, thanks for the idea! :blush:

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(WIP) Futuristic lift interior design

I only have the exterior shell done for now, when it’s finished it will be presented in full

Portfolio: https://kristinaportfolio.carrd.co/


aaaaaalmost done! just gotta decide if this is gonna be an explorerish or a military vehicle lol

after that just gotta find someone willing to buy this thing :sweat_smile:

Feel free to also give any opinion you may have on the above topic!! Seriously guys I need feedback! :slight_smile:


Spacey theme


Finally hooked my new shop UI to the game! Jump and victory animations are good to go. Works with in-game currency and Robux unlocks.

Next stop: adding unlocks with achievements (make 100 jumps to unlock this), exclusive items for game pass owners, a lot of polish (sounds, animations, etc) and creating thumbnails for the items.



Almost finished “Pirate’s Life” combat.
It includes both melee, and ranged weapons.
Also wanted players to feel like actual Jack Sparrow, so added grappling hook system.


Digging Shovel for “Pirate’s Life”
This is for a special gamemode “Treasure Hunt”. There will be 2 crews, each with his own ship. There will be a riddle map pointing the treasure’s location.
To win, the crew must get to the location, dig and find the treasure first.
Currently thinking of concepts for the treasure map, if you have any suggestions, they are welcome.


Nah, I find working by myself easier than managing a team.

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Added Realistic Ragdoll and Ship Destruction to Pirate’s Life

Ragdoll not only ragdolls on death, but also applies force to the dead body. The force is applied to the body part that was recently hit, and in a direction that it was hit.


I love the aiming mechanic! That’s a very clever use of proximity prompts.


Personally, as a clothing designer, I am working for vioslyn as well as sometimes for my own group DREAM1SH. It takes some time, but that’s perfectly fine. I try to post on a few platforms such as Twitter for my showcases and Youtube for the time lapse.