What are you working on currently? (2023)

Currently working on making New York City in Roblox as accurately as possible, but it takes a lot of time :joy:

I just started with the assets like streetlights and bins etc.

And cars:

And planes:

AND guns:

And I also first have to learn scripting, so there’s that… Wish me luck :grimacing: :smile:


Baked collision? I would love to learn more about that, not gonna lie

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I love this so much, because it’s based off new york and liberty city! Amazing job bro!

woah, this is cool , looking forward to playing it :+1:


I’ve been working on some tower defense games with my friends. Were hoping the game will come out in the next few months.

As you can see, we havent made much progress (As we are just redesigning the entire game right now)

However, for the building side we are getting a little more done;

Pretty exciting to release the game :slight_smile:

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Currently working on a rogue-like horror game inspired by Minus Elevation and The Binding of Isaac. Here’s a video I took showing off the lobby and a layout from a top-down view

External Media

(I’m not sure why streamable links don’t embed anymore, so bear with me)


Working on an extensive AI system, that can handle up to 100 NPCs without any lag.

It groups NPCs (Up to 5 NPCs in 1 group) that at the moment aren’t doing anything, and generates an activity for them (such as going to beach, going to clubs, playing something together, playing guitar, etc.)


“Baked Collisions” meaning instead of doing a new raycast for every raindrop, I do a ton of raycasts upon loading, store them, and use them later when they’re needed. Then every 1 second I use a QuadTree radius search and get all the closest raycast positions, and the distance to the ground is already stored.


Here’s something I’ve been working on for a bit now.
I’ve been working on this loading screen! :smile:


vehicles with mounted gun, that’s it before placing it in my new game.


Continuing to work on the extensive AI system for my open world game.

Made AI singers. A playlist is run in special venues, and if the song has voice and a specified singer, that singer goes to the stage and starts performing the song.

When not singing, AI singers just chill sitting in nearby chairs.


My friend and I are working on an open world fps, and here’s our progress so far!



Safe room number 2 is done.


I’m currently working on a round-based game. I am in need of some feedback for the game mode information text:

'23 version A:
'23 version B:
'23 version C:
'23 version D:
'21-'22 version:
'20 version:

Which one looks the best?
  • '23 A
  • '23 B
  • '23 C
  • '23 D
  • '21-'22
  • '20

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In the year of 2020, I heavily worked on something I call an “ActionModule”. I’m thinking of developing a 3rd version (version 3.0) for this soon-to-be community resource.

Version 1.0 (2020), which uses ContextActionService, allows you to control parts of a vehicle that are bound to a key on the keyboard or a controller. It uses a one-time initialization method.

robloxapp-20230325-1142506.wmv (1.4 MB)
This vehicle shoots a gun when pressing the ‘F’ key.

Version 2.0 (2020), which uses UserInputService, is a complete remake of version 1.0. This version was designed to have key binds changed during run-time. A configure tool is provided, which allows the user to change the key bind.

robloxapp-20230325-1140262.wmv (731.9 KB)

Version 1.1 (2022) is an updated version of 1.0 that supports the configuration tool, which allows key binds to be changed at run-time. It is also optimized.

robloxapp-20230325-1143549.wmv (4.0 MB)
(This version is not functional yet)

Would you find this model useful?
  • Yes, I would use it all the time.
  • Maybe later.
  • Probably not.
  • No.

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During the years of 2020-2022, I made several A-Chassis plugins. These plugins are:

  • A “Start Engine” plugin.
  • A lights plugin with turn blinkers.
  • A car crash script (not exclusive to A-Chassis).
  • A “booster” plugin that allows the car to fly.
  • Updated sound script to muffle the sound while camera is inside the car (not shown in video).
  • Cruise control (not shown in video, this is very buggy).
  • Updated drifting plugin to support all wheels.
  • A steering wheel that turns when you steer the car (not exclusive to A-Chassis).

robloxapp-20230325-1146361.wmv (3.3 MB)

Which one of these plugins would you find the most useful?
  • Start Engine
  • Lights Plugin
  • Car Crash Script
  • “Booster” Plugin
  • Updated Sound Script
  • Drifting Plugin
  • Steering Wheel

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Cruise control is not included in the poll because it does not contain optimized code:
Ah, the messes of 2020.

I’m currently working on an FPS game. However, it’s in an odd state at the moment. For the majority of its development, it did not include a viewmodel. It still does not, and I’m trying to redesign it. Here’s the video of the current progress:
robloxapp-20230325-1156164.wmv (5.9 MB)

I’m planning the viewmodel version to be way more optimized and use OOP, but I’m still having design issues with it. Here’s the current progress of that:
robloxapp-20230325-1159453.wmv (896.1 KB)
Nothing much, but it’s a work in progress. This makes me wonder how the bigger fully developed games are designed.

I’m also working on (but less frequently) a fangame of Slap Battles. However, there’s a twist: it runs on the 2011 client! This project is soon going to be open-sourced (well, a liminal 2022 version will be), so keep an eye out!

robloxapp-20230325-1206203.wmv (20.9 KB)

I have another video of the 2011M client if the one produced by the 2011E client is corrupted:
robloxapp-20230325-1208321.wmv (3.5 MB)

The music uses “Advanced Midi Player” to play MIDI files. However, it slowly clutters up the memory buffer for the sounds and the music starts to “crumble”. This only happens on old clients though.

You can check out the modernized version here:

It has a lot of content, so if you want to complete the game, it will take you a while.

I’m also working on a project called BaseAdmin, which is a free model admin system (made by me, of course).

The current beta build, 1.74b2, has new gradients for the UI. Here’s a video demonstration of the GUI:
robloxapp-20230325-1211493.wmv (1.1 MB)
Here’s an image:
In my opinion, it looks better, so I’m going to keep it like that. However, you can still theme it back to the older GUI after the update using the ‘;theme’ command.

For comparison, here’s the older UI:

Which UI is better?
  • Newer UI
  • Older UI

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Interesting, thanks for telling me!

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Created Counter Strike 2 smoke in Roblox!


I’ve added skins and badges to my game Train Wars!

Most of these skins are 100% free, and you can unlock them by getting badges. The only exception is the VIP skin, which is tied to the purchase of the VIP Pass:

You can also see your unlocked badges in-game, and how many friends have joined to your server to unlock the exclusive Banana skin:


Those screenshots are just parts of scripts; The first one is from a “constants” file, which lets me reference consistent values from any script for consistency. Sometimes, I make scripts then disable them to turn them into glorified text files like what’s shown in the second screenshot, documentation.

As for how I’m doing this, I don’t quite know anymore; My brain is failing me, bit by bit, so I forget things very quickly (and wish it wasn’t getting this bad with how young of an adult that I am), but I digress. The documentation helps me manage my instances and script functions, though. Here’s another “document” that I wrote today for another script, the planned animation manager refactoring/replacement:

Here’s a function from that script, which is relevant to this topic because I edited it today:



here’s the game if u wanna check it out [NEW] L$RACING - Roblox


Started working on a pirate game. Made realistic boat swaying with waves, and rowing.