What are you working on currently? (2023)

Building an extremely basic shop


This is a quite interesting concept for a game mode, I like it! You really catched my interest for your game heh

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Made Jack Sparrow’s Compass for my game “Pirate’s Life”.

If you watched the movie, you’ll remember the legendary compass of Jack, that points to the thing you desire most. In this case it points to a treasure chest.
This is for a special gamemode Treasure Hunt, where 2 crews of players, each with their own ship, will be hunting for the same treasure.


(@Denz_Noviembre is a pirate)
The legendary compass, if there’s some kind of Adventure Gamemode, you could implement a system that checks what you are looking for the most and point at it, it would be hard but great if you manage to do it!
Good job!


Completed pink elevator box

Portfolio: https://kristinaportfolio.carrd.co/



Not Roblox related but I’ve been working on rendering cars:
I 3D modeled the car and made an animation


You should have only the red spinner image move. It should also use a bouncy tween.

Due to upcoming planned changes to the animation manager in Project Magical Mary, its loading screen would need alterations to work properly with it. To me, this is a good time to come up with a replacement for that too, however.

This is what the current loading screen looks like. (The logo slowly moves up and down and the background scrolls to the left.) Yes, it’s time to replace this:

With this:

(The background image and some parts of its design are WIP.)

The new loading screen has one notable change from the old one: the player’s avatar is shown posing (with a wand here), front and center! If customization is ever added, this would let the loading screen display their current appearance consistently.

I’ve received compliments (from a friend) about the old loading screen, so at least the progress bar is staying pretty similar to how it looked before.

…okay, what you’re seeing in that screenshot above is closer to what I’d like it to look like compared to how it actually looks:

I’m adding floor so that my poses’ foot positions make sense but at the moment, the camera is moved into the floor, and the wand that the character is supposed to hold gets positioned right in front of it.


I saw the tip thing, and I saw you wrote:

If you exploited to see this, hello!

And I find it pretty funny, I think it should be a loading bar shown to Exploiters :rofl::rofl::rofl:


I like to say “hi” to exploiters in case they save a place from my experience; When they use their “save instance” function, it oddly doesn’t save any GUI text changes, so if they look at any GUI in Studio, they’ll see the default text. (Let’s not ask how that I know this…)

The original loading screen also did this:


I made a person with a gun.


(I would steal the Game just to see the writing (joking))

Very good idea, may I use it in my Games too or does it have Copyright?

It’s okay. I actually would like to see more experiences hide instances and default text for exploiters to find…

Anyways, I think I should let this topic get back on topic.

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A camera orbiting system for ViewportFrames. Not sure what this will be used for yet.







I’ve also been working on a substantial update to a plugin that helps make UI.





Looks very cool! I would use that Plug-In/UI!

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After months of procrastination, I have finally finished the main model and am going to start the texturing. :slight_smile:


A spring would look really nice!

A simulated spring would make it act like real compasses by adding the physics of the needle being attracted to the destination. You would need to do some math though to get the spring to work correctly with angle values (because 1 and 359 are 2 degrees appart, while with the spring they’re 358 units apart). (I believe the best way to fix this would be to reset the spring each frame and use the change instead of the actual value).

I recommend Quenty’s:

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I just started trying Roblox’s take on Github Copilot. Found its fatal flaw: it’s trained on all the garbage in the Toolbox :ohmy:

Obviously I exploited this for clout.

:uhh: Great stuff.

Actual things though, I’ve been doing some stuff for my game. I made this cool crate animation:
[crop output image]

Ignoring the awful test colors, I think it looks pretty satisfying!


Whoa, that’s a very detailed :musical_keyboard:piano! What will it be used for?

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