What are you working on currently? (2023)

Celebirty path render, made by @michal6666661111234 :star_struck:


Beautiful and unique! Are you using meshes only or also roblox base parts?

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Decided to remake an old build of mine




The new one looks a lot cleaner. Love the way you made the plants!

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Looks fantastic! You should make an old-style GFX of the old one and put it in a picture frame in the new one, like Shakey’s does with their old photos!


Reviving an old demo I had lying around… the animations were never finished, but I think the maneuvering on this thing has some potential…


Here’s an inside look at what the system for this looked like. Pretty smooth for something I made completely from scratch 7 years ago, before UILayout stuff existed…


Working on a tabletop sandbox. So far I have only object spawning, camera movement and prototype of dragging tools.

Camera movement:

Drag tool and object spawning:


Nice Going! This Has A Lot Of Potential Keep Up The Good Work!


This week I’ve been working on a new update for my plugin qTools (link to the devforum page with more information and video showcases).

This update (1.1.0) will be released tomorrow at 17:00 (EDT / UTC-4).

What novelties will update [1.1.0] bring?

> 3 New commands to make Badge integration faster
qTools [1.1.0] brings 3 new commands for easy and fast Badge integration for games:

  • badge:q : Generates a function to get the information of a badge by the given Id
  • badgeaw:q : Generates a function to award a badge to a player by their respective Ids
  • badgeplr:q : Generates a function to get if the given player owns a badge passed by Id

Video showcase:

> Multi-selection references
At the current version of qTools (1.0.0), you are only allowed to make references to a single instance at a time. While generating automatic references to instances is already quite fast on its own, it can be equally tedious if you need to reference multiple instances at the same time.

In qTools [1.1.0], you can now select multiple instances and reference all of them at the same time!

Video showcase:

> New widget to show what’s new on qTools
Now, when you update qTools, a ‘News’ tab will show up with the most recent changes:


Think it’s time I titled my untitled West Coast Cyberpunk Project.

Welcome to Neo Pacifica.


I’m currently working on a map editor for my FPS game!

As of now, I have all of the essentials done, such as moving, scaling and rotating parts, saving, sharing and loading maps using a simple string, etc.
I’ve yet to implement playing the map in-game, saving maps to datastores, and a fully functional map browser where you will be able to look for maps, and featured maps!

I had this idea in my mind for over a year now, but only now I started FULLY working on it. I had some private testing places to see whether I could accomplish this, but I wasn’t as advanced back then as now.
I made my own encoding system, where I concert every instance on the map into a very efficient and short string. I won’t have to worry about anything relating to json and the problems that come with it, but I’ll have to watch out to any unsupported letters (e.g. non-printable characters)

I really hope I will be able to accomplish this, but only time will tell. And it’s already to late to stop now!


Looks very nice! I like the plaid background

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I’ve been spending the past week working on a new DrawTexturedTriangle function with UV coordinates for CanvasDraw, intended for 3D rendering!


This can allow for distorted and skewed images too

Also some basic transparency support too!


aggressive pathfinding + optimized replication = an actual hundred zombie horde


More work on the old station.


Just finished the kitchen and freezer for my restaurant.


Roblox inside Roblox.


yep that would be much better. i always find places that use only roblox terrian to be ugly. im okay with some games using it in smaller ways but if it’s the main thing you see then nah

Television stand I made for my friend.