What are you working on currently? (2024)


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Salieri Jazz Club
Est. 1964

Salieri 1964 | Our Group

The Salieri is the first game that I’ve ever created, It’s pretty much complete for now but when I get the chance I want to add alot more things to do around the club. If you would like to try it out the links above but for now I’ll leave you with a few photos from around the club!

I hope you’ve enjoyed looking at some of these pictures, I sure enjoyed creating them. if you’ve got the chance why don’t you give it a visit too!

On a side note, If anyone has advice on how to get my game out there, Please let me know. This game relies heavily on other players socialising and adding to the atmosphere.


It looks beautiful, nice one. You definitely need things to do to retain some players. Some NPCs to have a chat with would be great, perhaps hook them up to some sort of dynamic conversation - story system…

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Thanks for the idea, I’ll give it a go. I think I could maybe add a few things for players to find around the map too.

It’s flying and it got gimbal stabalization as well, hihi
Gotta have the C1 Certification on the side of the body :speaking_head:


:notes: “La vida es una Lenteja, o la tomas o la dejas” :musical_note:


how? that looks really cool and it has that cartoony mobile game style (in a good way,)

Working on a new superpower soccer game (Pvp and soccer sports) and mobile compatibility is near 100% just started advertising a bit
link to game

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  • set the properties of Lighting to:

  • make sure you set every material to smooth plastic
  • follow a palette, i’ve used the following website:
    Palette List

the shading and dithering is done by using my custom rendering system that is overlaid ontop of the viewport

i’m happy to release it to the public, though the rendering process is very slow atm

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Procedural Planets made in Blender for upcoming project.


Right now I am working on a general-purpose Studio plugin to make developers’ lives easier. One of the features is AI, and here is the UI for it


ULTRABLOX, a roblox remake of ULTRAKILL.

Play it here:

This year, me and my team of 12 Developers are creating a game called Games RNG’. A Random Number Generator Game where you try and get the most popular games on Roblox by rolling a dice! They each have their own value and you can sell them on the marketplace (In the game) and earn cash to buy other games to show off to your friends. The top 10 most popular games will have special effects. Most games will have a corresponding effects depending on how rare it is! You can also trade your games to others to try get better games to earn, sell and show to people.

The progress so far has been amazing and we are still working on it! It’s been 2 weeks since the starting of this project and we are planning to release it soon! I’m mainly doing this to not earn money or fame, but to learn more about game development so in the future I can find ways to think of concepts that give the community an engaging experience. If you would like to follow this game you can join the group Roblox game rng CO - Roblox. Thanks for reading and have a great day!


I recently started development on a game called Basics in Battle - Combat 101. It’s a story-based fighting game with a comic book-y style. The goal is to play mini games, make allies, and become more powerful while defeating the game’s twenty bosses.

All that really exists so far is the design for the player character

I’m excited to work on it! I have so many ideas that I want to incorporate!

I’ve been working on an infinite obby that is generated randomly while you complete stages, i published a demo and i would like to receive some feedback.

For now there isn’t too much and i’m still working on the game presentation
also the game group was made the same day i decided to publish the game so theres nobody in there…