What are your opinions on the start of this build?

I’d like to get some of your opinions about the style of this build before I continue to carry on. I’m heading for a low-poly modern juicery called Fleural. Please let me know your opinions!


It’s great, better than anything I can make lol.


Can’t really critique on anything much as it is not yet finished, though it looks good so far.


Looks very nice. Similar to what Qeography said, i cant really give much feedback. I would however create some floor patterns or add some sort of detail.

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Not much feedback to give but we can give suggestions like maybe you should put a dock since It’s in the ocean and seems like It’s on an island.

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As the others have said, there’s not enough made to really see what you’re going for and so in saying that, not much feedback can be given. I do like the tree though, but if you’re going for low poly I would reduce the number of faces you have on each leaf because that looks pretty high poly to me, and also (if this isn’t intentional) fix the z-fighting with the stairs.

I fixed the z-fighting, and I’ll try to reduce the faces. Thanks!

It’s a pretty good start, but it looks odd, it’s just floating there.

Pretty bland. Gray colors, default textures and no lighting tweaks make it look very “Roblox-like”. I would suggest adding more decorations, modyfing water and the lighting and making the colors more natural.

Yes, I agree. Do you have any colours in mind? I’m thinking pastel green and blues, but I’m not sure.

Depends on your concept, pastel red could be good if you want to be very welcoming and energized, while stoned green will be ok with a calm and “natural” style.

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I can’t really give any critiques on this mainly because there isn’t much there to critique in the first place. One of the things that I see is there are way too many lamp posts focused in a specific area. Most of these lamp posts should have enough spacing to not make it look forced.

You can also replace the empty space of the lamp posts you just deleted with plants or other props like trashcans, binocular stands, etc.