What Asset Types Does the “Commission” Transaction Type Apply To?

I am currently working on a monetization model to monetize my game via commissions and premium payouts.

However, while looking into using the Roblox transaction type, “commissions” as a valid method of monetization, there seems to be a lack in documentation surrounding the “commissions” transaction type.

I am wondering exactly what asset types the Roblox 10% (now 40%?) commissions apply to?

What are “asset types”?

Please refer to this Roblox API article when referencing Roblox asset types: https://developer.roblox.com/en-us/api-reference/enum/AssetType

What are “commissions”?

If “third party sales” are allowed in a Roblox player’s place, Roblox players can purchase items provided by third parties.

When a third party asset is transacted in a Roblox player’s place using MarketplaceService’s PromptPurchase function, the completed transaction can be seen under the “commissions” transaction type in the “My Transactions” page on Roblox.

The owner of said place will receive a 10% (now 40%?) commission from said third party sale.

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All types, mainly Avatar Shop (since most or all other monetisation types are game-bound - though I have gotten a commission on a game pass before). So long as it belongs to a third party and you make a sale of that item in your game, you get a percentage of that sale.