What audios I should create first, due to new roblox audio problem

All we know that 22 of March all audios longer than 6 sec. are now private. Also we now have some free audio upload limits. For me it’s 10, and I don’t want verify my age for 100 audio limit.

Now, I have question: What audios I should make first:
1 - Actions, like mining, chopping, digging, building…
2 - Music for environment, like bird’s songs…
3 - Noises of creatures like roaring, rustling…
4 - Or something else?

For what game I’m making sounds:
For building game with big world, where you can interact with a lot of things, explore world, grow plants, build your own house and oof hostile creatures.


No one can decide this for you, what I’d do is make a list of all audios you think you’ll need for the game and rank them in order of importance and go from there.


Since you only have 10 use the most useful that you will use.

I would say get one or two background music tracks, then go for actions, then enemy sounds for a start.

The answer is extremely simple - you should prioritize uploading sounds that you are unable to temporarily replace using the ones available on ROBLOX.

On a side note, out of these sounds you should prioritize sounds which the player would hear the most and the absence of which would degrade player’s experience. As short SFX soundtracks such as actions would be available on ROBLOX so you would be able to use them temporarily, try to upload larger audio files instead.


  • Prioritize uploading files that you can’t replace using available ROBLOX toolbox. Out of such files, prioritize sounds that are more important for the gameplay.

Roblox already provided a ton of foley sounds like you described, are you sure you need to make your own? Music I could understand if nothing they have fits your fancy

You can use ASA as a workaround,


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Roblox kept the 6 second audios public tho, why would it impact wood chopping sounds?

Action SFX, made by players other than Roblox, is still abundant in the Roblox Audio Library: use RoSounds to find them easier.
Noises SFX is the same as above.
There is background music, but they are all stock music, so prioritise this if you want more unique audio.