What can I add for the Interior of this Laboratory?

Hey Devs!

I was working on game Fixing The Past and I completed a Laboratory you can see on this post here! The Lab Build Is Complete! What Do You Think? (Feedback Until June 1st Please!) - #14 by JJC3PO

I was thinking now what can I put inside of it? The main part of the game is time traveling. The Laboratory is based around future technology, and how we can use it! So what could we put in a Sci Fi Laboratory? Please give me suggestions in the replies!

Thank You!


Maybe a time machine! Or tables with drawings for potential time machines. I’d also include random machine parts, and some test-tubes.

The Time Machine is underground

Oh okay!

Then, I’d say corkboards with pinned drawings and maybe even locations and people. If you’re planning on having any lore in your game, maybe you can introduce it like this! Another idea may be hooks with lab coats and goggles.

Thank You for this idea! :DDDD

Maybe like a super computer or a sort of see through screen

you should add an area where they check them for weapons and etc like in airports and walkways, a front desk, stairs and elevator, some test labs/room.

that’s all I’ve got for now, hope it helps.

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If this is the first floor, then make it like a check in place. I don’t have a job so I don’t know what it looks like

a large table where they have little test tubes and also some laptops and stuff like that.

Not a bad idea! I’ll try and make that!

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First the lab looks empty second add a laser turret 3d make counters with lab equipment like glass tubes etc.


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Thank You! This was a very helpful post!

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