What can make this game better?

I am working on a sandbox style game (with another dev). It’s called Hacker Tycoon Plus, and you build a hacking company. I posted about this game before, and got some feedback on what was wrong with the game (which helped alot), so I wan’t some updated feedback to see how it has progressed.

Original post

Current features:

  • Placement systen
  • Serialized tycoon data (save system)
  • Level system
  • Delete system
  • Risk system
  • Cash system and Payment system (every 5 minutes you pay your hackers/workers)
  • Robux shop
  • Basic tutorial

Planned features:

  • Quests (stop player(s) from hacking your workers computer system could be a quest)
  • Map revamp
  • UI improvements
  • Optimizations and bug fixes

Play the game and tell me what is needed to be added/removed to make the game better as a whole. Any feedback is welcome, just remember this game is in beta and that this is my first game I’m trying to get finished.

Here is a video to see the game before I made a few changes:

The video

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I just want to say that the tutorial is a bit buggy
And no offence, but your game was somewhat boring. I had trouble just sitting through the tutorial without noticing typos and ways to improve. I probably wouldn’t play it again.

Thanks! Fixed the typos. Anything you think could make the game better than just fixing typos? You said the game was boring (which is fine), but what could make it more interesting, or is the concept itself just bad?

I played this game until I had 21 million in cash and level 13. One of the first things I noticed was the tutorial text. When the tutorial text was animating, it seemed impossible to read during it due to the text resizing. I would also add a way to stop the animation of text and just load all the text at once if the player desires. I started buying basic workers and waiting. I was a bit disappointed that I wasn’t able to buy anything except the basic worker at level 0 so I was waiting to buy other things like decorations. I got the notification of being caught and then I was. I lost the money and couldn’t hack for 3 minutes. During this time, you cannot do anything and I found myself wanting to leave the game because of nothing to do. After that, it appeared to be the bar on the bottom would stay empty for the rest of the game like it was broken.

Image of Broken Bar

I like the idea of this game but not really the implementation of it. I noticed that the XP bar didn’t increase unless you kept buying things. This became an issue at around level 13 because I have ran out of room and for me to progress, I would need to delete workers and re-add them to gain XP. I don’t think a leveling system that effects what you can buy is a great idea. I was able to get to the amount money I need for the next worker after Pro Worker but I have to wait til level 20 to get it, 7 levels away. I think there’s a lot of waiting and waiting which would make players bored.

A bug that I found seemed to allow the player to add objects inside of each other at certain times, it seems like if there’s somewhat a lag spike (even though I don’t lag), it allows me to put them inside each other if I bash the mouse button.

Objects Inside Eachother


Objects except for workers don’t seem to do anything except for cosmetics but the thing is, the goal of the game is earning money. I think adding benefits for making offices and adding decorations would make it better.

The delete button also allows you to select the base of your building area, I believe that you should only be able to select things that you can delete. Along with that, a moving tool would be nice since right now if you place something wrong, you need to delete it and readd it.

About the GUIs, they need some work but I do like the surface GUIs on the worker computers. One thing that confused me at first was that I thought shop meant for ingame items but I found that the computer icon was. It’s not a huge deal but just a note. Another thing is that the text above humanoids, there seems to be a lack of consistency between basic workers and every other worker since only the basic worker has the text. The last thing I would say is the text above the player’s head that says “Hacker” seems a bit pointless since everyone is technically a hacker and the only way I could see this working is if there’s other teams which there isn’t.

Anyway, that is my review, I wish you luck with improving your game and I hope you can make it a great game.

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I just felt that it was somewhat uneventful. Im not a big fan of games where you can predict the outcome of everything, and most Simulators and tycoons are just that.

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