What causes this rig to tumble when spawned


This wolf rig spawns to a tumble.

Highlighted part is HumanoidRootPart

Here’s the HumanoidRootPart properties


Extremely glitchy physics on custom rigs

It appears like it’s losing balance. Check the humanoid state to see if it goes into PlatformStanding when it falls over.


Really simple script. No hate if it’s not fancy.


Just spawned in, did not touch a key.


The FallingDown and GettingUp seems odd. This is a normal character rig:

I’m not the best with this, but it seems to me something is knocking it off balance as it falls. Maybe landing sideways on something.

Maybe try editing the CustomPhysicalProperties on all the parts (except HumanoidRootPart) and set the density to 0 (or as low as it goes) to remove any unnecessary weight on rig and set CanCollide to false on anything not useful or body parts (like detail and stuff). Maybe that will help reduce any potential collisions.


It doesn’t land on its side, when it spawns it’s upright, but in a PlatformStand-like daze. PlatformStand is obviously not enabled.

All the parts are already at .01 density and CanCollide is false on all.


How does the actual rig look? Without the stuff set to 0.01.


What do you mean by that? It looks (and acts) the same.


Are the body parts’s CanCollide on or off?


Which ones are and aren’t?


None are CanCollide.


Usually when this happens to me i try a lot of different things, and each time is a different solution, the most common solutions i try are:

  • check if all parts are unanchored
  • check if all parts have nocollide true
  • scale the humanoidrootpart to cover the whole character and make it collidable - this one is the most frequent to me


You could try and add in a BodyGyro, if one is not in place, already. It should prevent the rig from collapsing, and flipping around, altogether. I don’t make rigs, so I’m just trying to help out with the little knowledge I do have. I wish you the best of luck. Take whatever I say with a grain of salt.


I just realized this is an old thread. I apologize.