What code do I execute in studios to have player's data removed right-of-erasure-request

I’ve been receiving requests from ROBLOX for right of erasure of data of users. My game does not store data of users as far as I know, but I’m paranoid.

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What kind of requests have you received? I’ve never heard of anything like this… Make sure you arent getting scammed.

What PlaceId did Roblox provide you with?
Also could we see a snip of the message sent? Please crop out the user’s details.

Have a read on this article about managing personal information specifically the “Removing Personal Information” header in the legend.

Keep in mind that most Admin “suites” use some form of DataStore and store user settings. HD Admin as an example.

If you’re not storing any data then there’s no data to remove, you can safely ignore the request.

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I have heard it’s an automated message, and you don’t really need to do anything. I have seen many developers get worried about it on twitter. It’s not a big deal, ignore and move on.

Correct, this message is sent to every owner of games the user has played in their time on Roblox.
But better to be sure, because Roblox will take action against your account if you don’t comply.

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I have never seen people get in trouble for not deleting the id.
Pretty sure it’s because the accounts are banned, and Roblox wants their data to be deleted.

There’s a lot of misinformation here. Make no mistake, this is a serious deal and if you do not comply you will have action taken against you. This is to comply with GDPR laws. If your game uses DataStores, delete the keys from your DataStores.


I have many of my friends get this message, they do not care, since it does not effect them. What about those millions of messages you get on the same context, you can’t delete every single one of them.

It affects anyone who has a data saving system. Don’t tell people the messages don’t matter.


I can ensure you they don’t. I have had many of my friends get this message and they have not done anything instead of ignoring it. :neutral_face:

Again, this is the law. If you get caught, you’re in trouble. “People have gotten away with it before” is not an argument and it won’t protect you. I don’t care what you do, just don’t tell other people to break rules.


Alright, just talking by the fact that I have seen others do the same.

I get this message a lot. To fix this you just need to get the player’s data through their id ingame and reset it through console.


local data = game:GetService("DataStoreService"):GetData("Potatos")
data:SetAsync(playerid, nil)

You are obligated to remove this it is a law, you can get in trouble. That said the risk of getting caught is low, it’s like if you didn’t want to actually cook your food and just ate it raw you’d risk bacteria infections. It’s not likely to happen, but it is something you need to be aware of.


It would be better if Roblox did this by themselves, it’s so frustrating to remove each and every data key for an player.


They can’t keep track of everything, as a platform they have a lot of things to do. Plus it’s not their responsibility to do this. It’s our games and as developers we must take responsibility of our rights under law.

In this regard, you are right. Roblox does not offer comprehensive tools for easily complying with these regulations, and so they are a hassle. I truly don’t know how top popular games are able to keep up with the sheer volume of requests, as they’re sent via PM.

I fully support the notion that Roblox should remove this data themselves, however, it is fairly easy to create a function that will delete the player’s data from all datastores in your game.

Assuming you save their data by using their UserId (which most people do), you can run the following code in the command bar to easily destroy it.

local DSS = game:GetService("DataStoreService")
local DS_names = {"PlayerData1","PlayerData2","PlayerData3"} -- list the names of all your datastores
local userId = 12345 -- replace with their UserId

for _,name in next,DS_names do
    local dataStore = DSS:GetDataStore(name)

I don’t believe Roblox should be defended for this system, or lack thereof. The information they offer is scant at best, but more importantly, the way they send it to developers is totally antiquated. Through PMs!

It would be different if the IDs were presented to developers in an easy-to-index array, somewhere inside of Studio, rather than each request through a private message, bloated with other text.

I digress… further elaboration would warrant a feature request. :upside_down_face:


I agree about the whole PMs thing, but they shouldn’t take the responsibility of removing data from players who issue out this request.

It’s their neck on the line and they should. All it would take is a UserDataStore system or any of the numerous other suggested fixes.

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