What common libraries or tools do you use?

I use roblox-ts, along with rbx-datastore2, rbx-net, rbx-t, rbx-roact, Rojo, TSLint, and I have plans of adding Rodux into my workflow.


I use Datastore 2 for all of my projects and I use the Moon Animation Suite for animating.
I also use YouTube and wiki alot.


If you are looking for Interpolation libraries (Tween / Easing / Bezier libraries), I recommend my own, although they are integrated with RoStrap.

I do not recommend using Time libraries that perform loops to figure out the date. Here is my implementation of an efficient algorithm for obtaining the Year/Month/Day for a given number of seconds after Jan 1 1970, as described by one of the main people writing the standard Date/Time libraries for C++ (credited in the source). However, for most use cases I prefer my re-implementation of the vanilla os.date function for Roblox (click the title to view the source). This is integrated with RoStrap, but only barely. If you like you can just remove lines 5 and 6 and switch out Debug.Error for error and it will work perfectly without any dependencies.


Do you have the source for your Date library anywhere? I am not using RoStrap because I am using Rojo and I want to keep all of my code in one place.


I use a ton of my own libraries (private, but I’ll describe what they do):

  • Elttob Utils - provides a ton of useful functions, e.g. deep cloning, index of, “pwait” (only wait after a certain time interval, useful for long running tasks)
  • Metrics - makes measuring the execution time of various code snippets easy in production code
  • AABB - provides an OOP interface for working with axis aligned bounding boxes
  • Span - my own formatted text renderer that doesn’t annihilate text kerning at small sizes
  • Pick - CSS-like selectors for filtering descendants of instances (which I turned into a nifty plugin for selecting instances precisely)
  • Object - makes OOP code really easy to write:
local Thing = Object() -- make a new OOP class
function Thing:constructor(foo)
    -- ...

local SubClass = Object{Thing} --extending a class, supports multiple inheritance btw!
  • Lazy Require - variant of require() that only requires the module when you index it (convenient for solving require loops without having to move the declarations from the top of the file or passing arguments)
  • Set - More semantic way of defining sets, with support for all data types and some extra stuff like reduce()
  • UITags - My own system for applying behaviour to UI elements on mass, by marking up UI elements with value instances.
  • MakeWidget - Makes plugin widgets from ScreenGuis.
  • Observer - Lets you track changes to tables.
  • Event - Lets you define BindableEvent-like objects in Lua.
  • ColorUtils - Various utility functions for working with Color3s.
  • Pretty - Turns tables into nicely formatted strings.
  • Instances - Some utility functions for creating and manipulating Instances.
  • Lut - Turns arrays into two way look up tables.
  • Files - Utilities for working with file contents (normalise newlines, get row and column from string position)

Most libraries for RoStrap are found on the RoStrap GitHub repository.

Here is the link for the source of the Date library:

Here is the documentation for the Date library on the RoStrap page:

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How exactly did you manage to use rbx-net? I keep getting
18:13:26.008 - Infinite yield possible on ‘ReplicatedStorage:WaitForChild(“rbx-remoteevent”)’

I haven’t used it recently. I would contact @Vorlias in the roblox-ts Discord.

I commonly use DevForum but there are other sources: