What common libraries or tools do you use?


I am a fairly old roblox player. I started recently developing a game with my bro and as always in programming a lot of stuff has been done before. Sometimes even better than what I would ever be able to do.
So I have 2 questions:

  1. Are there any roblox libraries that are very widespread among developers of this community (e.g. I have seen in the tutorials section a library called DataStore2)? Does not matter if they are libraries for animations, datastores, guis, ai, shops, etc. To be clear I am refering to 3rd party libraries like this one that I found in the tutorials section (https://github.com/Kampfkarren/Roblox/blob/master/DataStore2.module.lua)

  2. Do you use any other external tools other than the common roblox scripting interface? Sometimes I find it quite cumbersome and I would like to know if all of the roblox developers use only that.

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Most up to date Roblox Wiki right now.


Maybe it is not clear from the question. I am mostly asking about 3rd party libraries not the built in API for the roblox engine.

Tools I use,


Developer Forums


Those are all helpful sources, you can also ask friends who are experienced in whatever you need help in!


Are you talking about programs that allow you to script, other then Studio?

I see that my question is unclear so I will edit it a bit.

Yes indeed I am asking about that but also 3rd party libraries like this https://github.com/Kampfkarren/Roblox/blob/master/DataStore2.module.lua which is supposed to help with datastore failures.

I think he means Plugins, I use F3X ect.

Tool Grip Editor for Tools

F3X, super helpful.

DataStore Editor, to edit DataStore.


Thanks @Kensizo, I mostly meant libraries for scripting.

I’d recommend YouTube, those provide LOTS of libraries for scripting, sometimes can be found on Pastebins.

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I hardly ever use external libraries, and with the require() function being given the boot alot of apis and libraries have dissapeared. I would look around in Community Resources as some pop up from time to time.

I wish you luck with your searching :slight_smile:

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I don’t use it but AeroGameFramework is very nice as it connects all of your modules up, client, server, etc… You should look in to it.


There are far too many things to list in a single post, that I use or are very helpful. As a starting point, check out #learning-resources:tutorials and #learning-resources:community-tutorials-resources for some developer-written articles that may serve to your benefit.

If you’re looking specifically at libraries or packages, try looking at @Validark’s RoStrap Package Manager. You can also have a look at @Quenty’s NevermoreEngine (fairly popular, iirc).


Happens to me to make my own libraries for a specific game, for example to replace parts of code I would do very often:

If I had to create lots of instances during the game time, I’d add in my library a function called create, that would create and put properties quickly to an object.

local newObj = Instance.new(obj);
for i,v in pairs(props) do
if newObj[i] then
end end 
return newObj 

I do lots of small functions like this to shorten the code at the end.

I also use a lot of wiki.roblox.com and youtube.com


I use Quenty’s NeverMoreEngine for most of my projects. It contains a lot of useful modules and easy remote handling.

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I use my own personal library of useful functions. I literally rely on my own module…

I use Git for version control. I use a tool called Rojo to write my code in Visual Studio Code and have it automatically synced in to my Roblox file. You can save files as .rbxlx for XML format, I recommend doing this for Git.

Roact is an interesting project I don’t personally use at the moment but am interested in. It’s React for Roblox UI development.


This is very cool. Any way to make an existing project use rojo instead of creating it from scratch?

Mostly my own framework, but it’s completely incompatible with other projects so I never bothered even considering making it open-source. As for the other modules, mostly Quaternion and Matrix modules, shortly just the basic mathematical stuff to make my life easier.

For most projects of small size, it should only take maybe half an hour to convert it, but I don’t think syncing your Roblox file to a Rojo project will be available until v0.5.0’s full release, which is in alpha right now.