What crosses the line of being "too hard". (Puzzle game question)

Could not find any posts on this.
Basically i’m working on a game called “Normal Robloxia Home”. (Inspired off a game I can find anymore, but it had a similar play style).
Basically, it has puzzles and you have to figure out whats actually behind the normal robloxia home.
But what crosses the line of being too hard?

Getting to the point
Here are the puzzles I have so far.
A puzzle with numbers scattered all over the walls. But 3 being colored. These numbers being 0 , 5 , 7.
You have to enter them in that exact order, but in their colors instead.
So it would be Green, Red, Blue.

Would this come out as too hard?
Another puzzle is you have to re organize some letters and spell out a word. This puzzle isnt added but I have plans to

The words are in a paragraph. But will be SLIGHTLY bold.

Anyway, what I am getting to is. Are these two examples too hard? Should I give more clues? If so how hidden should the clues be?
Like earlier today I had 4 friends try out a simple baseplate with a hidden button and it took them a total of 5 minutes to find the button, with zoom and everything. The button was hidden with the glass and transparency glitch, with the top being visible and one of the sides.

Anyway, I should stop rambling. Would appreciate some replies.
and if anyone is curious, this game will be a classic roblox style puzzle game, and yes some scripts are created with yt tutorials, i’m not that strong in scripting but do not expect this game to gain any traction, only for me and my friends to play really*


And sorry for mass rambling in this. I’m just trying my best to explain everything without making this TOO long.

This seems like a #development-discussion post, anyway to answer your question, based off of the information you’ve provided, it seems that your puzzle would confuse some players and considering that the majority of Roblox are kids. You could do something like “Skip Puzzle” or “I need a hint” so that players won’t get stuck on a puzzle for decades and eventually leave your game for good. This opens room for revenue etc. but giving one free hint per puzzle should be fine (but if kids are smart enough, they’ll just search up on youtube how to do the puzzle), by making puzzles random per server, this should solve the issue.


My bad, I figured design support also included game design.

The 1 free hint I will probably do then, but for skip puzzle I kinda want to keep this free to play since well, its mainly just my friends who will be playing this plus like a few random people here and there.possibly.

This also is not a bad idea. I like it! Ill start on this tomorrow, since its currently 3:11 am and I want to head to bed :zzz: Gonna mark this as the solution

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Playtest with your target audience, see if they find it too hard.


I did with a friend lastnight. A lot of the puzzles I had to help them with cause they could not figure them out.

How do you get people to play test your game without being Famous, Spending R$, etc?

Not everyone is famous nor has R$ to spend

Play testing with Friends and Family doesn’t count either, the group is too small and might not match certain attributes of a specific target audience group.


Have you noticed which website you’re on? :wink:

Most Roblox Players are kids, most of us on the DevForum aren’t therefore we aren’t suitable as a substitute for that target audience group.

You might understand complex ideas but they don’t,

If you are making a game for DevForum members then it’s fine, DevForum members are perfect, but not everyone has access to DevForum.

Unless you have other ideas in mind

I would not argue that the differences between “children” and “not children” are so clearly cut.

On the whole, DevForum members are just more skilled members of Roblox’s community. A lot of people like puzzle games regardless of age, and this does not necessarily mean that one age is better than others. There are Chess players who become Grand Masters at the age of thirteen just as much as there are old men who struggle with Sudoku. The judgement that I “might understand complex ideas but they don’t” is wrong. Very few people whom I have had the pleasure to meet on Roblox are incapable of understanding puzzle games.

It isn’t about being a “substitute” for a target audience. It’s about enjoying puzzle games.

As evidence, I would want to try out this puzzle game.

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Social media works fine, loads of kids use Twitter, their friends will follow them in, etc etc.

lol I usually go into random games and ask if anyone wants to try my new game
works every time

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Not famous, with no Twitter followers how would that happen?

How can someone make that happen for their game?

I understand your point, I like complex games too but my point is I want to make sure that the majority likes my game therefore testing with the wrong group would result in chaos.

If the OP wants to make his game for people who likes puzzles games then test with that group, that’s perfect.

They referring to Roblox players, not DevForum Members

@B_rcode How many test subjects do you get per x amount of time?

You were asking for your own game? Okay, consider me corrected. As this was on somebody else’s post, I was under the impression you were trying to elaborate for the original poster. :laughing:

I’m asking in general for everyone who’s in a similar scenario not just for me, finding people to test your game is important, but the right people is even more important.

I usually get 1 at a time, watch them play for a few mins, then it’s done

Sometimes I keep them on my friends list, but beware of spam


“Wanna help test a cool [whatever] game? Reply to this tweet with your username! #Roblox” (some media pictures of your game)

Kids check #Roblox, from my experience.

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Not really. This pertains to game design, it is appropriate for this category.

@RuizuKun_Dev @Somnar

You can just request a mass QA test. There’s already a sufficient amount of people in the QA Discord waiting for things to do.