What do ya'll think about Roblox bricking their CSG v3 and v2 engine and basicly making some games not able to develop anymore

I have encounterd the issue in the last couple of days with Roblox’s new update, which is completely stupid for the following reason:

  • There was a Triangle Limit added of 2500, which makes it impossible to make CSG Vehicles like Busses or Trams.
  • Previous Unions made before the update are not able to be seperated apart, either you encounter a error or it just seprates the same part 100’s of times.
  • Previous Unions made before the update are not compatible to be unioned again, or be edited with a Negated Part.

Personally, I find this update destroys Roblox’s CSG engine and I hope that they revert it soon.

no, changing your CSG version to v2 (CSG Legacy Version) does not help the bugs, I already tested it.

How do yall think about this.

Pictures of errors:


I haven’t used CSG since version 1 years ago. Mesh is the way forward, CSG just isn’t it. If anything, use CSG and then export it as a mesh then import it as a MeshPart :woozy_face:

Thinking about how Roblox makes Studio worse every update is wonderful (irony). They brick everything and you have to wait upto 3 months for it to be fixed, excample where they bricked the function to get archived games back which was fixed now, but you needed to use a work-around to get things from your archived games backthen.

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What the heyl is a CSG??? Help me

CSG = Constructive Solid Geometry, the Studio function with Union, Seperate, Negate and Intersect.

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Ohhhh so I’ve been using that without know what its called? LMAO