What do you guys think about a Sky Diving Park on ROBLOX?

I was thinking about creating a skydiving Roblox role-play game, in the game you would do this, this, and that (Still in the process of creating how everything will work and everything). What do you think about the idea, and how can I make it more engaging for other players?


I think it’s a great idea and here’s a few things I would add to the game:

-Altimeter(must have)
-vertical speed indicator (kinda must have)
-loops/obstacles to dive through while on your way down
-coins reward system
-store at ground level to purchase a variety of skydiving equipment


It can go well if it’s executed properly.

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To be honest, would not play a skydiving park on Roblox

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I would play if it is made pretty good. Like Robloxian Highschool, or Skate Park. Something like that.

I feel as if that style of game could be pretty fun – over a year ago I got a taste of what that sort of game could be like with Skydiving Simulator, however, as the game wasn’t fully developed, there were many aspects that didn’t allow me to feel immersed into the gameplay enough where the novelty would remain (still the only one I know of, and is fun to go back to from time to time although it’s not updated anymore).

As others have mentioned, there would need to be certain elements included that are crucial for ensuring that players are engaged while encouraging longer viewer retention with the minimization of features that make the game feel bland.

All you need is just a good GFX and a great developers. :slight_smile:

That sounds like fun! You could even go to the extent of adding motion control for mobile players, which would be awesome. I don’t feel enough games make use of all the inputs we’re given access to.

@StrongBigeMan9 that game is awful on mobile. There’s a menu button that is hidden just off the bottom of the screen, and the “return to menu” button, which kills your player to return to the menu, is right underneath the jump button.

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very good idea sora, good luck on that

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Thank you @Vezipe so much for your recommendation! I really think that the following are good ideas:
-loops/obstacles to dive through while on your way down
-coins reward system
-store at ground level to purchase a variety of skydiving equipment

Please let me know if you have anything else in mind.

Permission to ask why you think you would not play it?

Hello Strong,

Thank you for your feedback. If you come up with any other ideas please don’t hesitate to message me on Dev Forum.

Would you mind elaborating what you mean on that?

Using the gyroscope to detect which direction the user is tilting their device and reflect that in the character movement as they dive. You can access gyroscope data from the UserInputService.


@csqrl Awesome thank you! If you have any other ideas/recommendations please don’t hesitate to comment or message me on dev forum.

It would be fun if you make it fun, if when skydiving there aren’t any effects and you just see your character falling down, it probably wouldn’t be that fun, but if you give the camera and screen effects and have fun maneuvering mechanics then it would be fun. Just flying through the air is really dull unless the developer adds their own changes to it

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I see what you mean. Thank you so much for the feedback. If you think of anything else please let me know.

It depends, I feel like people would enjoy the content of a park.
However, developers has a long time to prepare the game mostly on experience programming.

Take @Vezipe’s post:
His examples briefly describes what should be added, just like “trampoline” parks.

Thanks again for the feedback! If anything else comes across your mind please don’t hesitate to reach back out!

Yeah as I mentioned, I tried it out over a year ago (probably closer to two at this point) and the game was not fully developed (nor has it received any updates since). I never played it on mobile so I had no experience with it on that regard. Definitely something that OP should take into consideration if they decide to take on a similar project to ensure they don’t repeat the same mistakes others have done.

Will do! Best of luck with the project if you decide to take it on :slight_smile: