What do you think about this thumbnail?

I’m a beginner at making thumbnails and I want to know what I should improve on.


looks good. Just try to do it in blender instead of roblox studio


There are many things that you could do to make this better, so I am going to give you a few pointers! :slight_smile: First, you can try and use blender to make the lighting and poses better, there are many great tutorials out there for them. Also, second the background looks too edited and you might want to include the background in the blender project with the model. Third, the particles look out of place and you might want to add blurs or other special effects onto them to make them more realistic. Also, the text looks out of place, you might want to also look up how to make quality text on Youtube or other places.

This looks nice, but you should add an outline to the character model so that way you can see less of the greenscreen.

Ill be honest here, I Don’t really like it, if I saw it I would have probably not clicked the game, I can help u improve with this, First what I would Do is Make the whole base In Blender (character) And Make the Top UI a bit 3D using paintnet (or if u have photoshop), adding an outline to the character ofc, Maybe u could use the Snow plugin in blender, I really Hope this could help you Out!

This is better than many other beginner “thumbnails!” I think you did a better job than most people would have for their first few times.
I understand your a beginner, but there is a TON to improve on. I’ll give all my feedback.

Don’t be discouraged by the amount of items on the list, I’ll provide tips too!
Problems will be in bold and tips will be in italic.

The character is low resolution. It looks like you took a screenshot in Roblox Studio or a greenscreen game. I can see the pixelated edges with a hint of green!
Use Blender or any 3D engine at your disposal. It makes your renders super clean. It’s worth the investment of free. That’s right, HECKIN free.

Small correction, this is actually an icon.
A thumbnail is more rectangular, while icons are square.

The design around the text is pretty boring.
Add shading and use it to your advantage! It makes everything look better. You can also incorporate images into your icon. Just look at any simulator icon for an example!

There are many misalignments on your blue title. Take a look at these ovals.
Or this slight cutoff!
You need to resize all the shapes. I recommend copy and pasting shapes since the ovals aren’t consistent with each other. AND I especially recommend trying to align it well. It’ll make your icon look a ton more professional.

Change the text. The “Winter is coming” font doesn’t match the font on top. It’s inconsistent and should be fixed.
Simply remove the text. If I was following the game, and there was a snowy thumbnail, I’d already know winter is coming. You can use the image itself to communicate a message to a viewer.

The background doesn’t match. It’s winter but there’s a beach in the background?
Definitely pick a snowier background.

Snow is very fake. Nothing looks like snow at all. Some chunks are unreasonably big and the snow overall isn’t shaped like snow.
I recommend to add an overlay. It’s obvious you used some kind of photo editing app. Trying to create snow yourself hasn’t turned out well.

Remove the exclamation marks. The color of red is out of place.
The guy looks surprised enough! Just remove the marks and that’s it.

I believe you were going for some 3d looking title. It didn’t work well I have to say.

Use shading. That’s one way to make anything have more depth! You can also make your logo look more three dimensional by folding the shapes outwards so you can see the 3D part.

I got to say the way you positioned your character is a little bit generic. It’s used everywhere and I would have rather seen your character be on the ground.
He should be trying to survive. Have a fire place and him trying to warm up around it maybe? Anything that is related to survival!

This is by far the biggest review I’ve done on anyone’s GFX. That means there is a lot to improve on, but I hope you can handle it!
Search up how to use Blender. It will open many paths.


Holy cow this is a lot of information, I’ll keep this in mind when redoing it, probably redo the background enviroment and really fix that low res logo

Explinations for why things are

  1. green borders = green screen
  2. snow is yoinked from google images (yikes it turned out bad)
  3. Logo was made in microsoft paint on a school laptop (yikes again)
  4. I could not think of a pose for the character, I’ll definetly use your feedback on it
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Some people have zero experience with blender, and telling someone to “do it in blender” and provide no tips, tutorials, or starting pointers is like giving someone a Lego set with zero instructions and telling them to make a millennium falcon. It’s just really unnecessary.


I would try blurring the snow too if i were you, it stands out too much.

Maybe try replacing the exclamation marks with the character doing something that represents them, for example them having their hands up in the air, or possibly a different face.

If you can install things on the school laptop or have a computer at home, download paint.net which is very similar to MS Paint but with much more flexibility and the ability to install plugins. I use a few plugins myself, like a drop shadow plugin which is really handy to help add some depth and separation of objects in an image. Drop Shadow Plugin

It’s pretty similar to the MS paint interface but with stuff moved around, you should get used to it pretty easily.

MS Paint:

Paint .net (with a few descriptive markings in case you’re new to this sort of thing)

The title looks very boxy if you know what I am saying it looks like you used shapes from powerpoint to make it.

Map in background dont look wintery.

It’s not bad!, i’m a beginner myself, but I prefer blender and you should too, you can easily learn the basics of how to render your avatar from Roblox to blender here: render roblox avatar to blender
and with an amazing combo with photoshop you can make an impressive thumbnail!.

I mean, everyone starts from somewhere.

This is something a lot of people don’t want to see. Asymmetry.

I don’t know if you already know this but… tutorials exist? He can easily search up a tutorial on YouTube and learn how to do it in Blender.

It’s certainly not bad! But it’s not too great either. I’d give it a 5/10.

I would suggest using blender for the character! I also suggest for the

sign to be more matching with the background. Perhaps an orange feeling since the color palette of the background is orange-yellow like! Perhaps add some effects like a drop shadow on the person, give it the same lighting that the background has, and change the snow texture!

I made it on a school laptop because I was bored and on the laptops you cant really download 3rd party software because of whatever safety stuff they put on, but ill use paint.net on my pc at home

I have no wintery maps to use at the moment :pensive: