What do you think of my new Destruction based game?

I have been working on a Destruction based game recently: WILL IT GRIND? - Roblox
What do you think?


It’s too retro, and difficult to see. Overall too old and overly simplified concept.
Try to make it a PvP or survival game with destruction involved?

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This game seems very similar to Car Crushers, which is already pretty popular, so I don’t know if you’ll get a lot of recognition since there’s already competition, but I could definitely see myself playing this game if it ever got to the front page. I love these types of games.

Just try your best to make your game stand out to others that are similar to this, advertise your game a ton, and I think it could be really successful.

Fun game, I really like it! It needs a few more features, to give it replayability, but I enjoy the concept.


Poor Steve.


Thanks soo much everyone! I appreciate your feedback! I will keep you all updated on this post! :smiley:


Thanks for your encouragement! And yes poor poor Steve lol. :smiley:

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Some updates!
Added some replayability features such as levels and cash.

New stuff added!!! I would appreciate a look.

I’d say the style fits well with the game, although I have to agree that it could be better. For instance, the decals and the builds don’t match well. One is very simple and without a lot of detail while the other one is a realistic texture with shades and lots of details.

That would entirely change the game mechanics and become a completely different game. I think it good the way it is. There is no need to overcomplicate the game, otherwise you would end up not finishing the game, which has happened to everyone.

I believe the game is really fun, due to how satisfying it is to see those innocent objects get demolished into little pieces for no reason.


Car Crushers is a desturction game, with racing, with PVP, with crafting…
Adding clear features isn’t going to change the core of the game anyways.

The game’s fun at first but then can get repetitive quickly. It feels more like a satisfying experience than a game.

There should be some kind of goal of the game. The only thing you can do with the currency is buy more items to crush, which you use to get more money, which you use to get more items to crush, which you use to get more money…

I suggest making the factory a “job” you do, and then you can use the money you earn from it to buy items or house or pets, similar to Work At a Pizza Place, where you work at a Pizza Place and earn money for it.

Also try incorporating some multiplayer elements, the game feels very much like a single player game.

Good job though, people like destroying stuff so I’m sure this could make a good game :smiley:

Perhaps you are right about that. However, the problem is that adding those features would likely be more 10 times more complicated than the game itself. It’s like adding PvP as a feature to Flappy Bird.

I mean, that would be really cool! But it would cost more to make that feature than to make the entire game.

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Thanks so much! It was just an experiment but I might think of making more if you think it is good enough of an idea.

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Thank you all for your incredible feedback and I will keep this post updated!

I like it. People who play destruction games want to destroy, not lag and die. PVP can’t be added anyway. Ragdoll physics would be fun, though. Also, multiple parts clip through each other on the first level.

Thanks for your feedback! I will keep working to improve the game! :grinning:

I really enjoyed your game.

A few changes that you could make:

  • Increase the speed of the conveyor (its a little too slow and requires more waiting than is necessary)
  • Add UiCorners to the Gui buttons
  • Add a subtle gradient to the Gui buttons
  • Maybe change the spawner buttons into proximity prompts, I feel like that would give a more modern look.

Overall, I thought your game was good and if its polished a little more, it could be great.

I love the retro style, It reminds me of 2012, I think more people should do that style! Please keep it that way :pleading_face:

Here are a few bugs

  • You can spawn items too fast

  • The conveyor belt moves too slow

Ok! Awesome! I will speed up the conveyor. I don’t really want to add UiCorners because I think it sort of takes away the industrial feel.
Screenshot 2022-06-08 121503
Also I changed the Warning signs to match the wall.

Love the retro style too! :vhs: LOL!