What do you think of my plugin? and GFX?

if u don’t understand what plugin, read it firstly Review on my Minecraft Skin Importer's Plugin.
Shortly, plugin can import any minecraft skin as resized roblox starter character, without using decals.
It uses surface guis with help of frames, and also cool optimization so game won’t lag at all even with a lot of npc or players in skins. I decided to publish plugin so u can use it :slight_smile: also u can make minecraft GFX arts with it like these: Feedback on my minecraft style GFX in roblox
or even better :).
With the plugin u don’t need to hire clothing designers, and I hope that devs of mineverse will see this topic and will make their game better :slight_smile: else I will make more better version of mineverse, myself Muhahahaha :stuck_out_tongue:
PS:all mineverse matches are random C:

1)you need to download any skin 6432 or 6464
2)with html page u open that image and click “download output”, now u have text file with converted skin image
3)in roblox studio u click plugin, u click the only one button and chose that text file, and u get done minecraft skin
4)u can rename it like “StarterCharacter” and put it in StarterPlayer and u can play with it, use emotions like
/e wave, /e dance3 etc, animations like jumping to test that all works great.

if u are decent scripter u can make switching script which will switch starterplayer for different teams or nicknames. Write your opinion, share with your gfx good luck :slight_smile:

link for plugin: MinecraftSkinImporter - Roblox
I will attach html page, css file, js file
index.html (722 Bytes) https://a.uguu.se/emtnx.js https://a.uguu.se/smrsgt.css
and plugin file, if u want to see code (I hope mineverse devs will know, that it is POSSIBLE! to make skins by nicknames, or they will make gamepass for access to skins and won’t share with me robuxes :p)
MinecraftSkinImporter.rbxmx (110.5 KB)
PS2:css file and js file are safe 100%, I uploaded it on some website 'cause devforum doesn’t allow to upload these types of files lol


html doesnt work lolkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk

Vouch but what would it be used for :thinking: