What do you think of my project so far?

I am currently developing on a “Space” project. I have recently created a hallway. I worked hours non-stop on it. I was wondering how everyone thinks about it or thoughts about it. I would like suggestions if I should add anything to it. I got this idea for the design from @Someware. I was have a lot of trouble on the lighting so I know about that part.

Link to game: Section A-B (Showcase) - Roblox


it looks good in my opinion but much more cooler if you use the new lightning feature and it was

if you use this lightning feature it much more awesome and that all I wanna say

I’ll keep that in mind! I tried using a plugin for lighting but it was very messy. I’ll try to use this instead. Thank you.

I like the concept of what you’re getting at here. I like the build style you’re also getting at here, it looks like something straight out of a movie. If this is going to be something like a showcase game, there’s some things you could add like being able to go through other hallways that lead into other corridors that showcase different things about space related things.

I was working on this 5 hours ago and ended now. My next thing I am looking forward is having the doors be able to open into another room. I could add a core room, etc. Thank you for liking my project. I’ll have to search up tutorials on how to animate the door opening.