What do you think of this Non-Euclidean cube?

I was playing around on Studio and built this:

Someone might find it cool or inspiring. I don’t know.



Did you use ViewportFrame to create this illusion?


Tell me how you have done this!

You could actually turn this into a game.

Are you using a decal for the other side?

Wow!..How did you do it? :thinking: It looks really good!

A few seconds after looking and inspecting what they could’ve done to achieve this.
I know what they did.
He put a glass part on the left side, where the red box goes invisible, and the transparency of the red part is somewhat close to zero but not zero (0.001).
Glass doesn’t support transparent objects, yet.
On the other side there’s nothing, and you can see that when he hovers on the red part, it gets the selection outline. Which means it’s the closest part.

Neat stuff, keep it up!


Very likely. You can also see a bluish tint on the left side, which glass creates.


do you use window and neon right like this ?


Cool stuff, although this shows the glass part has an issue where you can’t see anything that’s transparent even a little bit - which isn’t preferable

Glass not rendering translucent objects isn’t a bug, that’s intentional behaviour. On the Glass material release announcement thread, it was stated that translucent objects wouldn’t render because of performance issues - this includes terrain water. Only opaque objects will render behind glass.

We probably won’t be getting the ability to render translucent objects behind the glass material for a long time, if ever at all. There are priorities in other places as of now.


Good work .Did you used the studio mirror ?

Would the render cause lag? is it why it’s not rendering translucent objects?

Warning: Non-opaque Objects - Non-opaque objects are currently not visible through glass. This includes, but is not limited to, transparent parts, decals on transparent parts, particles, and world-space gui objects. This behavior matches the refraction on high quality smooth terrain water. This was implemented so refraction wouldn’t have a large performance impact. This behavior may change. We do not recommend relying on this behavior for gameplay.

tl;dr Yes.


Yep! I used that weird behavior. I had no idea there were other methods. I have made another using color filters and blending.

This isn’t a video because it has to be at the perfect angle or it breaks the illusion.

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Studio mirror? Please explain what that is.

Yeah. I know. It is very slight and hard to see, but it is there.


You can hide it a bit if you make one side plastic but reflective.

I was thinking about using some of these techniques in one of my games, but using visual filters to make things that are certain colors invisible. I did this using a feature studio has where it doesn’t render transparent objects through other transparent objects. This is relatively well known, but it’s commonly dismissed as a glitch when in reality, it’s an optimization feature.

I did exactly what you did but with a trick where you cant see the glass but its effects are still there

How this trick works is: If you make a parts transparency to 0.02 and put it behind some glass, itll become invisible
Edit: the part having a transparency of 0.02 is still opaque so dont worry
And to make the glass completely invisible but still work;
Change the glasses transparency to 0.9999 and it’ll turn into a 1.
The only use I’ve found for this when I was building is so you cant see sunshafts coming in from the outside but you can see them when you’re inside.
Hope this helps! :hugs:


Yeah. I know how it works. I was just testing out it’s uses.