What does a Motor6D do?

I’ve been wondering what a Motor6D does. According to Roblox, the Motor joins to baseparts together in an animatable way. However, there are no examples or helpful documentation about it.

Can someone provide detail about what it does and/or some examples?

Think of it as an animatable weld, it’s what ROBLOX uses to detect whether certain joints can be animated and be put thru keyframes. You can find out a lot about it yourself if you get into animating, but they are only used for such. You would use other welds and constraints to physically hold them together- Motor6D is not as reliable for these purposes.

You use them if you’re animating parts with the roblox animation editor. It helps weld parts together and is compatible with keyframes for animations. In all other situations you should be using WeldConstraints or Welds.

its like weld
but anim:a: ted

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