What does "migrate to latest update" do?

Does this update all the servers to the latest version of the game? I’m just double checking in case it does something different.

What it does is it updates all the servers to the current update

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It puts the game into the last version aka the last time you published so it goes back a version.

you can also read this post for more info: here.


Thanks for confirming, I’m just going to lable sharkiya’s reply as the solution because it’s a little more detailed (nothing personal)

TLDR for those unwilling to read the website: shut down all servers will technically also “update” the game. The major difference is that when you migrate, roblox will first start up new servers with the new version before shutting down the old ones so that people can immediately join a new server instead of waiting for one to start (which would occur if you did shutdown all servers).